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Tabletop Christmas tree – gorgeous accents to your holiday decoration

festive tabletop Christmas tree ideas fir branches red pot

If you live in a small urban apartment a tabletop Christmas tree is the perfect decoration for you. And even if you have a large mansion – these miniature trees will add magnificent accents to your home holiday decor. Homemade or bought, they will add the touches of joyful Christmas spirit in your home.

 The most suitable kind of tabletop Christmas tree

original Christmas decor ideas tabletop christmas tree linen bag

It is always depending on your personal taste and the place you want to have the tabletop Christmas tree. You have the choice between real or artificial trees and even some alternative design options, like using fruits, potted herbs, pinecones, ornaments or flowers. You can buy a prelit decorated tree or use your imagination and decorate it yourself. A big tree will dominate in a small room and will look quite overwhelming so a tabletop one will be the best choice. If you already have a big Christmas tree as a center of your holiday decor the miniature ones can be used as accents.

Where to place a tabletop Christmas tree

Tabletop Christmas tree entru hall traditional colours decoration

Whether in the entry hall, living room, bedroom or the kitchen window, a tabletop Christmas tree will fit perfectly. It can become a beautiful centerpiece in your Christmas table decoration. You may get creative and craft a tabletop Christmas tree from buttons, felt or even paper and combine the small tree with the main colour theme that you have used for your festive winter decoration. A few potted Christmas trees combined with garlands and evergreens will make a fantastic mantel decoration and your fireplace will be transformed into a winter fairy tale.

tabletop christmas tree Christmas decorating ideas

 Pre-lit artificial tabletop Christmas tree

pre lit tabletop christmas tree christmas window decoration ideas

Tabletop Christmas tree as a festive table centerpiece

festive christmas table dcenterpiece tabletop christmas tree red gold

  Christmas tree decoration – golden and white colour theme

beautiful christmas decoration gold white

Easy to craft Christmas tree tabletop – colourful buttons and a white star topper

easy christmas craft ideas table top tree buttons

  Untraditional Christmas table top decoration- lemons and twigs of evergreen

alternative christmas tabletop decoration lemons evergreens

Beautiful decoration in green and gold

christmas decorating ideas tabletop tree green decoration

These small potted tabletop trees give a rustic holiday atmosphere

Christmas decoration rustic table centerpiece small potted trees

  Use your plants to create an original tabletop Christmas tree

creative christmas decoration ideas potted rosemary tabletop tree

Wooden Christmas tree and ornaments are suitable for a nursery room

easy christmas decoration ideas wooden tree and ornaments

Minimalist style tabletop Christmas decorating

simple christmas decoration ideas fir branch tabletop accent

Fantastic tabletop tree decoration in red and white

Tabletop Christmas tree decoration ideas red white garland

christmas table decoration tree from ornaments accents

tabletop Christmas tree potted lights golden ornaments

beautiful tabletop christmas tree decoration colorful ornaments

christmas table decoration centerpiece natural materials

felt and bells christmas tree tabletop easy decorating ideas


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