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25 great ideas how to create the prettiest Christmas tree decoration

most beautiful decorated christmas trees festive decoration ideas

No one can even imagine the Christmas holidays without the Christmas tree. All children, well behaved or not, are waiting to find their presents under it. And, of course, just as every year, all of us want to create the prettiest Christmas tree decoration as it is quite often our main focal point and source of magic.

How to create the prettiest Christmas tree decoration

prettiest Christmas tree decoration traditional tree

Our creativity has no limits but there are a few simple rules we need to keep in mind and they will be the base to our work. Depending on your personal tastes and fashion trends in this field the first thing you need to do is pick up your main decoration theme. The prettiest Christmas tree decoration is not necessarily prolific. Once you have chosen your theme, think of your colour palette. If you have decided to go for a traditional decoration, you will need the red and green, if you wanted to change to another theme – think of gold, silver, blue,red and white.

Ideas for the prettiest Christmas tree decoration

awesome Christmas tree decoration ideas how to decorate big christmas tree

Once you have settled your theme and colours you need to define your most desired elements. It will be a good idea if you bought a bigger quantity of your main theme element in different sizes and shapes and repeating the same element will add even more flair. Think large and do not be afraid to use overscaled ornaments. The large ornaments have a big impact. Add glamour to your tree. Crystal ornaments are a see-through. Place them near the lights of your tree, add sparkle and some colourful pieces. Add flowers in the gaps between the branches, natural or artificial leaves, silver or golden berries, ribbon garlands or glass icicles. Do not forget that the prettiest Christmas tree decoration should be balanced horizontally and vertically.

prettiest Christmas tree decoration ideas best christmas tree decorations traditional colors

 prettiest Christmas tree decoration gorgeous christmas tree decorations

White Christmas tree idea

best christmas tree decorating ideas silver decoration red accents

 Christmas tree decoration in white

Amazing christmas tree decoration crystal ornaments

Flowers add fresh accents to the Christmas tree decoration

prettiest Christmas tree decoration flowers accents

Monochrom effect

prettiest Christmas tree decoration monochrom effect

Vertically balanced silver elements

prettiest Christmas tree decoration vertical balance silver

A stylish Christmas tree decoration with repeated ornaments

Stylish christmas tree decoration ornaments vertical balance

Adding leaves and sparkle for more glamour

christmas tree decoration ideas leaves and sparkle

 Christmas tree decoration with large elements

christmas tree decoration large elements

 Christmas tree decoration with red and crystal ornaments

Christmas tree decoration repeated ornaments

A big white butterfly element in the center of the Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration white butterfly

Christmas tree decoration as per existing interior

prettiest Christmas tree decoration colourful accents

A glamorous Christmas tree decoration in white

glamorous christmas tree decoration white fake tree

 elegant christmas tree decoration white green

 Christmas tree decoration small dolls letters

prettiest Christmas tree decoration silver and red

white glamour christmas decoration

Christmas tree decoration sea theme

green silver white christmas tree decoration

Golden theme Christmas three decoration

prettiest Christmas tree decoration ideas jewellery elements

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