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Christmas tree lighting – tips and ideas for easy holiday decoration

 christmas tree lighted with-beautiful colour lights

Decorating a Christmas tree with lights is an exciting task and no one could imagine Christmas without the magic twinkling of the little lamps. Christmas tree lighting is a tradition for centuries that started with using candles to decorate the tree. Nowadays the market offers LED lights in various forms and colours to add to our holiday decor.

Tips before you buy your Christmas tree lighting

Christmas lights different shapes

If you consider buying new Christmas tree lighting you need to decide which type of lights you will need. The market offers either stacked or string to string. Carefully check the labels of the manufacturer on the boxes and read the recommendations and instructions. The length of the strands is also to be considered. Whether 50-lights or 100-lights strands you should think which one will be suitable for you and your decorating plans. The key to successful lighting is to map your lighting scheme. It is not recommended to use more than three strings plugged into each other. It will be better if you used more shorter strings, moreover they are easier to work with.

Outdoor or indoor Christmas tree lighting ideas

christmas lights outdoor clips

If you plan to use outdoor Christmas tree lighting first thing you need to do is to ensure you have an outdoor electrical sockets where you can plug the lights. It is highly recommended that you use gutter clips as they hold the wires tightly. You will have a better decoration effect if you choose red, green, white or blue lights as they have a better contrast. Decorating a Christmas tree indoors also has a few moments of consideration. It will be a wise idea to divide the tree into sections and decorate each section instead of simply wrapping the lights around the tree. This way you will avoid tangling of the lights, especially when removing them. If you have planned to combine multiple coloured lights you should start with the white ones as a base and then add the coloured lights. Of course, the thing you always need to remember is that safety comes on the first place.

Christmas lights coloured

There are various types of Christmas tree lighting

types of christmas tree lighting

White mini lights are suitable for base lighting

Christmas tree lighting white LED strings

Christmas tree lights -pinecone shapes

different types of christmas tree lights

Christmas tree lights – blue bulbs

Christmas tree lighting blue LED lights

Christmas lights in different colours

string of christmas lights

Christmas lights for outdoor decoration

christmas lights outdoor decoration

 Christmas lights always add festivity to the decor

christmas lights shining bright on the tree

 White Christmas tree lights add glitter to red and golden ornaments

christmas lights white

 The different colours of the lights make the Christmas tree more vivid

Christmas tree lighting indoor different colours

 Christmas tree lights are traditional for the decoration

christmas tree lighting one colour

christmas tree holiday lights decorating ideas









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