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Advent lighting ideas – the special meaning of Advent time

advent lighting ideas red pillar candles advent wreath

There are people who do not know what the meaning of Advent lighting is and today we will focus on the very special significance of the Advent season. Part of the meaning is the preparation for Christmas and birth of Jesus but there is more to that. The word “Advent” originates from the Latin word “adventus, which means “coming”. The advent season lasts four Sundays and finishes on Christmas day. Usually, advent candles are four but the Advent wreath may also have a fifth candle, known as the Christ candle for lighting on Christmas day.


Advent lighting – lighting the first candle

advent wreath ideas red candles DIY christmas decoration ideas

Advent lighting traditionally means candles. They can be arranged in a wreath or in any other way that pleases you. The tradition of lighting candles is very old. The family gathers together, read from the Bible, say prayers and sing hymns. The first advent candle is a symbol of hope for the brightness and reminds to the Christians for Christ has already given. After lighting the candle people spare a minute in silence and in quiet thinking while watching the candle burn.

Advent lighting – lighting the second candle

advent lighting ideas golden pillar candles

On the Second Sunday, the first candle is lit again and then the second. The Advent lighting symbolizes the increasing readiness to welcome the Lord.

Advent wreath ideas advent candles red gold

The third Advent candle is lit on the third Sunday and first and second candles are re-lit before that. The light is a symbol of the hope that Christ will be born again.

advent lighting ideas red gold candle holders tea candles

Fourth Advent candle is lit on the Sunday before Christmas and the first three are lit before that. People say prayers, sing hymns and hope to see all that is made known in the coming of Jesus.

Advent lighting ideas

advent lighting advent candles advent wreath light christmas decor

The most popular design of Advent lighting is the Advent wreath. There are endless ways to arrange the advent lights – from fabulous wreaths with evergreens to modern and intriguing ideas and just as many DIY advent lights ideas. Check out the gallery below and choose the way you will arrange your Advent lighting this year!


shabby chic vintage advent lighting ideas metal glass lanterns

 Advent candles and natural wood

advent candles ideas DIY christmas decoration rustic decor natural materials

Tall Advent candles

modern advent candle holder christmas decoration ideas

 Advent wreath in green, red and gold

DIY advent wreath ideas gold candles pine cones

 Wonderful advent lights in rustic style

advent light ideas advent candles white pillar candles pine cones tray

DIY rustic lights idea

DIY advent lights ideas christmas decoration

 Red advent candles

advent candles ideas red candles evergreen branches angel figure

 DIY advent wreath from natural materials

advent wreath ideas DIY christmas decoration white candles

advent wreath ideas DIY christmas decoration advent candles

advent wreath ideas advent candles white pillar candles pine cones

advent lighting ideas white pillar candles black white bow

advent lighting ideas tea candles week numbers

advent lighting ideas red gold advent wreath ideas DIY

advent lighting ideas red advent candles advent wreath


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