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Creative Christmas decoration – DIY Advent wreath ideas

DIY Advent wreath ideas creative chrismas decorations

When Christmas is getting closer and everyone is looking for fresh decorating ideas. If you want to surprise your family this year, or you want to create a stylish decoration and traditional warmth, you can craft an advent wreath with candles. We have collected some inspiring DIY Advent wreath ideas which will help you decorate your home in a creative way!


DIY Advent wreath ideas – color schemes


diy simple advent wreath easy christmas decorating ideas

Before you start to work, check out these DIY Advent wreath ideas to choose the color as your advent wreath should match with the rest of your decor. White color schemes or minimalist interiors will benefit from a silver or purple wreath, while traditional red-green color combination and golden candles work very well for classical or modern interiors.


modern DIY Advent wreath silver purple colors Christmas home decor

If you have already decided on the color scheme, you need to gather the materials you will use. Contemporary advent wreaths with candles are easy to craft, because they follow the traditional form but with modern colors – you can combine four purple candles with silver balls as decoration. Or as an alternative – you can paint pine cones in different colors – purple, pink, blue – and combine them with four high candles – it always looks good, and is relatively easy to make. Making a mesh wreath or a burlap Christmas wreath is also a great idea, especially for rustic style decorations.


DIY Advent wreath ideas with a natural look


christmas decoration Advent wreath DIY candles pine cones

There are quite many DIY Advent wreath ideas with a lovely look which are made of natural materials. These materials can be found during a walk through the woods – beautiful branches, pine cones, fresh, soft tendrils, ivy, willow, blackthorn –all of those are abundant and a suitable material for the base of your wreath. Choose the candles in a matching color. White is always suitable. Red, of course is traditional and works beautifully with evergreens. Attach small decorative items such as deer figurines, small sledge, small bells or anything else will add to the final look of the wreath.

quick DIY advent werath ideas pine cones red candles

 Modern advent wreath with river stones

modern advent wreath ideas river stones candles

 Natural materials for a rustic touch

DIY advent wreath natural materials pine cones homemade decoration

 White candles and natural materials

DIY advent wreath ideas advent candles wooden box natural materials

 Advent wreath with tea candles

DIY Christmas wreath ideas tea candles mushrooms

 A beautiful advent wreath with a rustic look

Knitted scarf DIY Advent wreath ideas natural colors

 A table decoration idea

how to make an advent wreath DIY christmas decoration ideas

 Easy craft idea with nuts and tree ornaments

Christmas decoration ideas easy crafts advent wreath ideas

 Simple and stylish advent wreath

easy christmas crafts DIY advent wreath ideas white candles

 Minimalist style advent wreath

DIY Advent wreath ideas simple design knitted scarf white candles

 Colorful pine cones and purple candles

DIY advent wreath ideas pine cones purple flowers

Silver glitter

DIY Advent wreath ideas silver trend color christmas decorating ideas pine cones

DIY Advent wreath ideas Christmas table decoration ideas

Contemporary Christmas wreath advent wreath ideas golden candles

creative advent wreath ideas DIY advent wreath white candles

christmas wreaths ideas advent wreath DIY

christmas table decorating ideas advent wreath red candles apples

beautiful nature Advent wreath brown gray natural materials

 advent wreath ideas christmas decoration pine cones white candles

purple candles Advent wreath ideas table decoration ideas

advent wreath ideas red green colors golden candles


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