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Modern colors glass door design

Stained glass is an interesting and original way to decorate the household. The art element lies in the binding of glass and light. The colours in the stained glass panel come to life thanks to the light, which passes through them with different force and under a different angle, according to the current season and the weather conditions. Stained glass is used for doors, windows, cloaks and boundary walls, mirrors, kitchen chests of drawers, desk lamps, lampions, bracket lamps, glowing columns, as well as ceilings and eurhythmics. Two types of glass are used for stained glass – cast hand crafted glass and blown glass.

Contemporary blown glass table design


Contemporary blown glass table design

The decorative treatment is done by colour engraving, casting and pressing, this technology allows the rich artistic possibilities of glass to be utilized, as well as not only its property to be not only transparent, but also glowing and sparkling. The rich colour palette gives the opportunity for various plasticity compositions, which the contemporary construction work makes possible to be built in. Stained glass is beautiful, because nowhere else do the colours have such intensity like in stained glass. The classical stained glass – assembled multicolour pieces of glass, dates back to ancient times. The ancient civilizations have long ago discovered the enchanting beauty, which is created by the light’s colour game, and have captured this beauty, bringing it within closed spaces.

Stained glass ceiling


Stylish stained glass ceiling in living area

Stained glass has in time gone through development and can nowadays be substituted by mica, natural stone, sea-shell, porcelain and other materials. With the help of painter designers, the rare landscape shapes can provide unbelievable artistic decisions. Particularly impressive are the wooden doors, decorated with stained glass in flower pattern, suns or various geometric shapes. On a white wall background they seem particularly original. Plaster relief shapes and ornaments in combination with stained glass is a remarkable combination.

Stained glass windows design


Stained glass windows design

The glorious beauty of stained glass, inherited from ancient times, is today combined with modern design styles, which gives the interior a certain class and sophistication, cosiness and a unique atmosphere, because no single picture is present twice, everything is unique and has its own meaning. Stained glass can break the traditional window configuration. With floral motives, with asymmetric shapes, the glasses will shine in various nuances as the light touches their surface. With the help of stained glass, the interior is perceived in a more emotional way, because a key element in it is beauty.

Text by B. Angelov

Floral motifs glass door design


Floral motifs glass door design

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