Decoration ideas – Romantic LED Lighting for Valentines Day

romantic LED lighting curtains string lights

Perhaps one of the most dramatic ways of creating a romantic atmosphere in your home is by using a few simple romantic lighting tricks.  Here are some super ideas, using LED lighting, that are easy to set up for Valentines Day.

Transform your bedroom for Valentines day with Romantic LED Lighting

romantic LED lighting canopy bed curtains with lights

This fabulously romantic LED lighting idea can be achieved simply with some billowing drapes and lengths of decorative LED string lighting.  Here’s how to transform your bedroom into an intimate Valentine’s Day grotto.  Pin long lengths of draping muslin or cheese cloth to the walls and ceiling of your bedroom, or focus on creating a canopy around your bed.  Then conceal LED or Christmas lighting strings within the folds or behind the muslin for the ultimate in romantic lighting effects. Simply stunning! For the purest of effects look at this all white variation of the same theme.

Romantic Valentines Day Bedroom decoration

romantic LED lighting bedroom lighting ideas string lights

If you don’t want to drape the whole room then focus on using the LED lighting strings to create very different effects.  Using blue light clusters all around the top of your room you can achieve romantic LED lighting with a gentle moonlit ambience.

LED lighting – Valentine’s Day Bedroom decoration

romantic LED lighting romantic bedroom ideas bedroom lighting ideas

Strings of pure white LED lights can be hung behind a lace curtain at your window for a mystical magical light source.

bedroom lighting ideas romantic bedroom lighting ideas

In addition to your drapes and romantic LED lighting displays, pile the bed high with exotic pillows and cushions.  Combine these with a dense fur rug to transform the appearance of your bedroom to that of a dramatic Bedouin tent.  Throw in some larger globe lanterns to achieve a very convincing ‘Arabian Nights’ setting that is just perfect for Valentine’s Day (or night)!

Romantic LED Lighting to Create Stunning Wall Art

This unusual example shows how a very different effect can be achieved using LED lights to create wall art.  Shown here is a clever image of an illuminated tree. You could create heart shapes or personal messages, for your Valentine, using romantic LED lighting arrangements such as these.


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