Innovative Room Dividers for Contemporary Interiors By Caino Design


Room dividers by Caino Designs

For an innovative and beautiful way of dividing up a large space look no further than these ultra stylish screens created by Caino Design. Add flexibility to your living areas by installing these delightful movable partitions. Use each screen’s intrinsic properties to cast fabulous patterns as light streams through their fine structures. This is equally effective in either natural or artificial illumination. A big advantage of these decorative panels is that they do not make you feel ‘hemmed in’ as you can see right through them.

Stainless steel screens


Stainless steel screens by Caino Design

Their appearance is exceptionally light and airy so there is no chance of your room becoming claustrophobic. Taking the concept of ‘Installation Art’ as seen in major contemporary galleries and modifying it for use in the home, each screen is skillfully made from a highly lightweight coated metal, so they are durable and delicate at the same time. Used as room dividers, these panels can’t fail to add fascination by creating the mystery of partially revealed areas in your home environment.

Elegant stainless steel screens


Elegant stainless steel screens

These wonderful installations generate enthralling spatial ambiguities, playing with space and our perception of it. The placing could be almost anywhere you want. Make a bold visual statement in isolation, or enhance existing areas such as the edge of a bath or around a bed. There are styles to suit all tastes and room settings. These range from delicate abstract cascades to subtle geometric patterns or bold organic floral statements. Designs may be traditional or ultra modern.

Contemporary stainless steel screens


Contemporary stainless steel screens

It is hard not to make the allusion to net curtaining but somehow that doesn’t feel appropriate in connection with these awesome pieces. Or, maybe it is very appropriate. Why not take the humble net curtain away from the window and bring it into the room? You could create a softer alternative to these screens but with similar effect. The ‘Caino’ panels aren’t just intended to be used as room dividers they are multifunctional.

Decorative dividers room interior


Decorative dividers room interior

They make superb alternatives to traditional blinds and curtains – if privacy isn’t a concern. Importantly, not forgetting the connection to contemporary Fine Art, these creations are so stunning that they could simply be displayed on a wall for pure aesthetic impact. The panels are clearly art works in their own right. The only disappointing aspect of this product is that it is not available until 2012. Here are some other decorative dividers pictures.

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Decorative screen room divider


Stainless steel decorative screen room divider

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