Holiday Christmas decoration for the household


Red interior decoration for Christmas dining room

Christmas decoration is a traditional element for every household. Whether it’s diverse or simplistic, the Christmas spirit wouldn’t be felt the same way without it. The first step in decorating is the choice of colours. For relating to the winter’s seasonal mood, appropriate colours are white, blue and pale nuances of red and silver. Small snowflakes, snowmen and white garlands will imitate the snow landscape inside the confines of the household. Ribbons, colourful Christmas balls, candles and napkins will bring in cheerful tones to the interior design.

Christmas dining table decorating


Minimalist Christmas dining table decorating

The main theme can be expressed in many parts of decorative elements, such as the chairs in the dining room. If it’s bells, they can be added to the covering of every single chair. The main decorative element can be the Christmas tree decoration, a snowman, or a candle-stick. The most important moment is arranging the holiday table. A Christmas wreath can be a central element. Glasses full of beads, glass balls or small ceramic figures can be placed next to each plate, or can be used to draw the central line of the dining room.

Luxurious Christmas dining table


Luxurious Christmas dining table decorating

The candles, which are traditionally present on the table, can be decorated with silk ribbons and the longer part of the ribbon can be elegantly folded around the glass. The napkins can also be used as an accenting part of the table’s decor. An interesting idea is to use two colours of napkins, which be either folded together or separately, but still be connected to one another. This can be made done by a glass or metal ring. The colours should correlate to those of the tableware. The themed table, where the Christmas theme is predominant, has a nice effect.

Christmas decoration in blue


Christmas decoration living room in blue

A sparkling Christmas mood is radiated from the drapes of garlands, which are placed around the mirrors, paintings and fireplace. The decorated Christmas tree is the centre of the entire decoration. Its decorating procedures are unique to every household, as they depend on the home masters’ preferences and ideas for creating a holiday mood, imagination should have no boundaries.

Lighting Christmas decorating fireplace


Lighting Christmas decorating fireplace

Special attention should also be paid to the preparation of the children’s bedroom. For creating an appropriate Christmas atmosphere, colourful lamps, figures of elf, angels and reindeer and musical boxes are all appropriate. The Christmas, brought into the household, will attract the attention of the most expected visitor – Santa Clause, who will bring along all the presents.
Text by B. Angelov

Creative spiral Christmas tree design


Creative spiral Christmas tree design

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