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Most of us do not have enough time to pay attention on themselves, on their children, on their career or education and on the house interior meanwhile – the day consists of 24 hours after all. It is too difficult to be all of what people want from us to be – a good professional, a great parent, a nice husband and a perfect housekeeper. So, your job is in the office, being good with people who you love is not our, but personally your job, and as to the maintain the household, we have the job to help you know with a fast decoration course for the whole house – will not take lots of money, will not tire you up or steal your valuable time.

Minimalist corridor


Minimalist corridor interior design

Start with the corridor. It is the premise people see firstly they get at your home. For refreshment of the corridor we suggest you to rely on a new mirror with an elegant frame, decorated with encrusted ornaments. With this new mirror your win is double – you will be more confident looking at yourself in this new great mirror before leaving for a big and important meeting in the office. For the kitchen the best fast decoration is to this – gather all the old services and plates, which are not presenting entire sets and throw them in the recycle bin.

Minimalist kitchen decorating


Modern minimalist kitchen decorating

Get some great porcelain service – arrange it delicately on the shelves so it will beautify the whole room and meanwhile you will feel much better in the dining room while having a great warm lunch in your service. The living room will need a little bit more attention. Firstly, you need to rate the decors you have in this moment and observe those who do not stick to the main style of the interior design – minimalism, Baroque, Greek, Classicism and others.

Minimalist living room decorating


Modern minimalist living room decorating

Remove the odd and place a new chandelier in that main style – spend some more money on filling the new gaps after removing the old things and replace them with some new ones. Best decoration for your new bedroom could be either new set of sheets or some lovely decorative pillows – arrange them on the bed and spread them on the floor carelessly, you are a busy man or woman this new set of sheets will get you some better rest – believe me.
Text by Abigail

Minimalist bedroom decorating


Contemporary minimalist bedroom decorating

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