DIY Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s day

Valentine tree decoration - Gift Idea - Valentine's day

This has to be one of the most attractive Valentine decorations based on an idea by designer ‘princesssleepalot’.  To make something similar you will need to get hold of some twisted, curvy tree branches or get some decorative branches form your local florists.  Place the branches in a large heavy vase, then decorate these with fairy lights, luxurious ribbons and hand made felt hearts.


Tree Decoration idea - Valentine's day

To make each Valentine’s Day decorative craft heart, cut out two matching heart shapes.  Sew these together using simple, neat running stitches, remembering to leave a gap at the top to take the padding.  If you use a colored silk thread the stitches will become a decorative part of the heart.  For more elaborate hearts add layers of heart shapes, beads and other materials to the main felt heart before you stitch back and front together.  Pad each heart to give it a plump form and attach ribbons to the top to hang the heart by.  Create your hearts in varying sizes and different styles to make a very lively fun decoration.

Valentine's day hand made gift idea

Using the same technique you could also make individual felt heart gifts to present as special Valentine’s Day love tokens.

Make a Romantic Candle Decoration for Valentine’s Day

Candle Decoration idea - Valentine's day


Using a plain shop bought candle, turn this into a gorgeous gift or table decoration with a few simple materials.  All you need is: some fine craft wire either in silver or gold, some decorative craft paper in pink or red. plain craft card, a pair of scissors, beads (optional), and craft glue.



  • Start by cutting strips of pink or red patterned papers and stick these to strips of plain craft card.
  • Then cut two sizes of hearts from the patterned papers. Using a sharp needle, punch small holes in the hearts to allow you to thread the wire through them.
  • Finally, link the decorative heart shapes by running the gold or silver wire through the holes and also by wrapping the wire around the some of the hearts.  Keep checking the candle’s circumference as you go to ensure a perfect fit for your Valentine’s Day decorative craft activity. For extra impact, thread tiny beads onto the wire as you develop the curves twists and loops.

Give Someone the Key to Your Heart

Gift - Key to Your heart

As shown here vintage locks and keys make beautiful decorative objects in their own right.  These are easily available from antique stores and ‘flea’ markets and won’t cost you a fortune. To make this super romantic gesture all you need to do is find a beautiful way to display your ornate key with its lock.  You can then offer it to your Valentine as the ultimate poetic love token.

Gift Ideas - Key to your heart - Valentine's day

This illustration demonstrates how you can use lovely gift papers, ribbons and decorative boxes to create a base to present that special someone with the key to your heart.  Write a message on an old fashioned brown parcel label (for vintage effect) and then tie this to your gift to make even more romantic impact.

Using these lovely Valentine’s Day decorative craft ideas you can make very original and romantic gifts or suitably atmospheric decorations for your home.

by Jaz

Hand made Heart - Valentine gift

Hand made Valentine's day   gift - Key

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