Decoration for a studio flat


Minimalist studio flat with decorations

Decoration is an essential part of the general outlook of the household. It establishes the mood and atmosphere therein. When decorating a studio, we should acknowledge our notion of beautiful surroundings and the impression we would like the leave on others with the interior plan of our household.

Studio with decorative objects


Modern decorative objects in studio flat

The choice of decorative objects is not only an extremely pleasant task, but also a very responsible one. The home masters’ taste is a vocal point and the sense of aesthetics is a leading notion. The decorative objects for studio furnishing should be simplistic, unostentatious, so the place would not get overcrowded. If everything is gathered in one place, there aren’t many opportunities for additional decoration.

Minimalist studio interior


Minimalist studio flat interior

If the home masters like travelling and possess art works from separate parts of the world, they should choose the ones, who fit the household’s general interior plan best. To avoid chaos and overcrowding the flat, the elements should be placed in the zone, where they are best fitting in terms of design, style and colour.

Studio apartment decoration


Studio apartment decoration of bedroom

For instance, the decorative plate wouldn’t be suitable decoration over the bed, while the ash-tray wouldn’t be appropriate for the kitchen. If the household masters insist on placing many or all the works of art they possess, then a special conception should be devised for their arrangement and the place, where they will be exhibited. If a greater area is available, a specially crafted chest of drawers can be designed, with the necessary shelves, where the objects would be arranged thematically or geographically. Only part of them can be placed as decoration all over the place.

Creative design studio


Creative design studio flat

When decorating a studio, colourful patterns for curtains or loose covers should be avoided. They would create a nuance chaos, which can be unpleasant and unappealing. The same impression would be made by drapes, heavy curtains with complicated ornaments, and materials, such as tester and wool. The paintings, tapestries and other wall decorations should correlate to the general style of furnishing. The predominant part of furnishing should be simplistic and moderate. Beautiful settings need by no means be overdone with efforts.

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