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Buddha symbolizes philosophy, patience, love and harmony, don`t you want these things at your own home? Don`t you want to get the idea of Buddha`s philosophy of life? You have patient enough! We are just about to tell you the secret of life – bringing and preserving the love and the harmony into your home and never let them go. Best way for the preservation of positivity at home is to choose the best interior design – meet the Buddha spirit at your own house or flat, feel the difference!

Minimalist bedroom interior design


Minimalist bedroom interior design

Buddha spirit at home is a conception for home interior design where you can relax and spend the little free time you have at home. Indian ornaments are all over – from the furniture in the living room to the little decors in the bedroom and the bathroom. Colors in Buddha and Indian interior design are mostly bright and impressing – we see gold and orange, red and yellow – everything that an artistic or a tired soul needs to cheer up. Furniture is comfortable and soft – they should bring joy not to your eyes with its beauty and fines workmanship but a joy to your senses.

Living room interior


Living room interior

Low sofas, big pillows and soft carpets where you can sit and even fall asleep are the main elements in the living room and the bedroom. Decoration and the illumination are the key elements in this magic Indian interior design. Buddha sculpture can be placed in the middle of the room, and some hookahs can be used as decors in the corners of the premises. Curtains with encrusted golden notices (some wings phrases) are covering the windows, hiding the natural lightness and replacing it with the shine of the gold all over.

Minimalist dining room table


Minimalist dining room table

Candlesticks are laid on the long dining table. A ritual carpet is set in the middle of the living room or the bedroom where you can do your meditation and your yoga. Buddha at home and in your interior design, will revive you – everyday and every moment you feel you are losing patience, love and harmony.

Text by Abigail

Elegant minimalist dining room design


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