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Decorative lighting by Alex Schmid

When you want, to start with your equipment for lighting it is not important whether you will start with lamps, chandeliers, brackets, or Pendant, but remember that the decorative lighting is really the most important accessory that you can buy for your interior. If you made the right choice, it can have so much influence on the overall look and feel of the room, to become the best piece of furniture.
Here we will meet you with the main trends and key currents that are the most actual at this moment.

Decorative lighting design


Decorative lighting design

Everyday Elegance Lighting

It is an effort to create a warm, relaxing and comfortable environment for daily lighting, and there was certainly talk about a higher quality design.

Simplified Traditional Lighting

This involves removing all the excess and simplifies your decor.

Italian lighting in living room


Italian lighting for the living room

Decorative lighting can be in the case of solid brass, but without additional decorations.

Soft and Contemporary Lighting
This is a very clean, modern and simple style.
Nevertheless, as these are designer products, these lights are not very cold as you might expect.
Such lighting, which highlighting the architectural design is particularly relevant and actually exclusively popular nowadays. For example, there is a lot more opportunities for decoration, because the ceilings are already being built higher. The ceilings today have sizes from 2.70 to 3.00 m and it is essential this space be, to be properly utilized. Of course, there is a change in terms of the materials. People are using less plastic chandeliers and rosin, which previously were extremely popular in all homes. Even so characteristic of past tastes of consumers, namely, the luminaries, made from copper and brass or crystal chandeliers are no longer so much favourites.

Modern  living room lighting


Luxury lighting in living room

Lighting makes also a fundamental change in how people choose to illuminate their living rooms and kitchens. In recent years, the decorative trend in kitchens is more oriented towards cherry and mahogany furniture and moved away from the oak as the preferred material.
Known fact that in order to highlight the vision of the home in its full splendour is required light red tones.
People often use the lights as the main source, or directed lighting to illuminate areas for active operation. Such areas may be as the cooking zone. Similarly, can be illuminated and high and low levels of drawers in the room with a pleasant light that highlights them.

Modern lamp by COSTA


Minimalist lamp design by COSTA

Certain types of lamps, such as mini pendants are added as decorative accents, and often match or highlight the chandelier in the living room, especially if the premises are located close together. There is no doubt that today in the lighting industry increasingly paying particular attention to outdoor lighting.
Nowadays, people spend more of their time out of their balconies, patios and these parts of space are now a kind of continuation of the house. Therefore, they must therefore be properly illuminated. Manufacturers of lighting realize new demands of the market and therefore begin to adapt their most popular products for external use. They used new materials and items that can now be used without fear, that they may be damaged in some way by adverse external impacts. Chandeliers, wall lamps and table lamps are made of aluminium, which is more durable, and are not liable to rust. It is wonderful that this material can be created all shapes, sizes and colours. Portable lamps and table lamps for example, require the inclusion of a special system that prevents any short circuit or fire when wet.
Landscape lighting is also becoming more decorative look. Lighting, which we are putting in front of our homes now, is also with much better quality and much better appearance than a few years ago. With all the decorative options we have today, we can use them for demonstrate to others our taste, and to impress all guests, even before they came into our house. In any case, you should not ignore energy efficiency as an important factor! In general, the industry as a whole is focused entirely on this factor now. Now many companies have new decorative chandeliers, table lamps and pendant, who work with fluorescent bulbs instead of electric. This mainly because the fluorescent lighting are more durable and much easier for regulate, but they also use less energy than electric.

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