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Ideas from Martha Stewart’s designs

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Amongst many other activities the American business woman, Martha Stewart is well known for being something of an interior design guru. These are just a few examples of ideas gathered from her website.

Thanks Giving table decoration

‘Golden Harvest’ Themed Thanksgiving Table

This table is perfect to create an appetizing first impression for your Thanksgiving feast.  The simple statement evokes the harvest spirit and is created by introducing natural elements such as dried corn husks along with tasteful place cards, centerpieces, linens, etc

To recreate this themed Thanksgiving table all you will need is: fabric glue, gold and copper colored glitter and masking tape.

“A few organic elements, enlivened with a bit of gilding, evoke fall’s abundance”

Martha Stewart

For the festive centerpiece fill a glass bowl with dried corn cobs, leaves and seasonal squash.  Add a sparkling touch to the corn cobs using dabs of glue and metallic glitter.  Do not totally cover these just add tasteful touches here and there.

The rest of the effect has been created using suitably neutral/sand colored table accessories and simple plain crockery.  The golden theme is helped here with the gilded plate edges but these aren’t essential to create the same atmosphere.

Choose Purple Berry Hues for a Color Themed Thanksgiving Table

thanks giving table decoration

Be inspired by this totally fashionable, purple themed Thanksgiving table. Natural berry and leaf arrangements adorn the centre of the table.  These are placed on a runner that has been decorated with simple purple leaf prints.  The coordinating napkins have also been decorated the same way.  The final touch has been made using cutout leaf shapes for place cards these have been speckled with matching purple tones.

Modernist Themed Thanksgiving Table

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This fabulous modern themed thanksgiving table starts with an emphasis on light and form. A homemade table covering adds color and interest.  This one has been cut slightly smaller than the table to leave a border. Tall glass vases are filled with fallen leaves.  The light shining through these reveals natural autumnal colors which create a seasonal ambience. The simple transparent forms of the vases and wine goblets keeps the table display fresh looking and uncluttered.  Continuing the theme of fallen leaves, a dried pressed leaf in the napkin folds combines perfectly with each handwritten, personalized place card to make your guests feel welcome.

Thanksgiving is such a special celebration, it is worth spending a little time creating a thoughtfully themed Thanksgiving table to make the occasion even more memorable.

by Jaz

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