Sinister Halloween Table Decorations and Bizarre Bar Ornamentation

sinister Halloween table decorations halloween party decor ideas

Central to the Halloween party festivities is of course food and drink.  Even if you use few decorations in the rest of the house, make your Halloween table decorations magnificently morbid, spookily spectacular or dramatically demonic.  Here are some crazy ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Haunting Halloween Table Decorations fit for a Ghostly Gathering.


Gwynne Wasson brings designer elegance to the party with her unusual color scheme. Vivid green with old lace brings a different mood to the Halloween table decorations. This arrangement is ideal for a buffet supper. Simply drape an old lace curtain against the wall and use an elaborately framed chalkboard to write Halloween messages on.

Green table decoration with black lace


Glittering green pumpkins, complete with sequins, make a seasonal centerpiece displayed on ornate black candlesticks.  In the same way tasty cupcakes stand on a black chandelier to make spookily tempting treats.  Orange party bags contrast the bright green for maximum impact.

Blood red Halloween table designs


Blood red is central to designer Courtney Dial’s vampire themed table setting.  Perfect for Dracula himself and his sinister dinner guests.  This tasty Halloween table decoration sits on a luscious black velvet tablecloth which is the perfect foil for the crimson highlights. Scarlet napkins are draped over the edge of the table to symbolize flowing blood.

The red drip candles balanced on ornate black candleholders also evoke this idea. Eerie candle light is perfect for this sumptuous setting as they flicker over sparkling red and black glasses and the blood red wine bottles.  This fabulous decorative theme sets the scene for a sophisticated dinner party that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Skull – descorations for a spooky Halloween


This is a truly horrifying designer Halloween table decoration.  Skull imagery is used throughout this dining room reminding diner guests of their own mortality.  The color scheme is a starkly contrasting black and white. A delicate gauze table cloth is topped by a fragile tree branch centerpiece which supports quirky skull tea lights.

Contrasting black and white color them with skulls as center decoration


The sinister skull theme continues to the buffet table. This side display highlights black candelabras and a dramatic mummified skeleton. A seasonal orange is the only color in the room and this is introduced with a glowing fabric drape at the window.

Ornamented table setting with “glittering”  skulls


Skulls also feature in this fashionably ‘kitsch’ Halloween table decoration.  Here the designer ‘Tamgypsy’ has created a ‘monstrous’ centerpiece, like a small sacrificial alter, by cramming a tall cake stand full of spooky Halloween ornaments. This is scary but amusing at the same time with its sparkly skulls (maybe making a fun reference to the artist Damien Hirst), gruesome bones, brooding black birds and recycled Christmas ornaments.

Scary and fashionable at the same time – Halloween themed table setting


All of these symbolic offerings are topped off with a shiny silver witch’s hat.  To continue the sparkly theme, miniature skulls have been placed on autumnal leaf design plates and glittering crystal elements are spread over the table with the cut glass tumblers and candle holders.

Complement your Halloween Table Decorations with a Bizarre Bar


Based on a design featured in ‘Salvage Secrets’ by author Joanne Palmisano

This is a great feature to complement your Halloween table decorations.  The bizarre bar design has step by step instructions showing you how to achieve a similar effect.

To start with you could use an old drinks trolley or a utility shelving frame as the basis for your bizarre Halloween bar.

Funny decoration for Halloween – wine bottles


You will need: the basic bar structure, optional wheels, white fabric webbing, a glue gun. a glue stick, pins could be helpful, beer and wine bottles, access to a PC and printer, joke shop spiders, fake severed hands, cardboard, red craft paint and oatmeal.

Step 1:  To make intriguing bottle labels for your Halloween bar contents, you can download and print labels.  These will transform your normal drinks bottles into weird potions and witches brews. The labels are editable, so you may customize them to your personal design. Use a glue stick to fix the labels to the bottles.

DIY wine bottles labels for Halloween


Step 2:  To create a suitably ‘cobwebby’ impact, stretch some distressed white webbing over the frame of your bar.  Attach it to the bar using a hot-glue gun at the corners and underneath bottom edges. Remember to leave enough space to get to the bottom shelf of the bar.

Spooky spider web – table decoration


Step 3: Either make or buy a huge fake spider, then place this on the surface of the webbing so that it looks as though it is skulking in its horrible lair.  If yon want to extend the arachnid theme, add in lots of tiny fake spiders creeping over the cobweb and on to the top of the bar.

Fake spiders on the table


Step 4:  For an authentically gory look you can add fake flesh and blood to the bottom shelf of your bar.  To do this, cut a piece of card to fit the shelf. Using red non toxic water based paint, create some bloody handprints on the cardboard. This is real child’s play so have fun!  For an even more horrid effect try adding some oatmeal to the paint, this will look like nasty congealed flesh and blood.

Add fake for a chilling effect


Step 5:  Using trick severed hands attach these to the end of the cart using a glue gun.  This is a fabulously hideous touch!

Step 6:  Finally stock your bizarre Halloween bar by arranging your bottled potions and glasses in place.  Top the display off with a suitably eerie candle.  Anyone for drinks!!!!

Happy Halloween.

by Jaz

Chilling Halloween table decoration


Centerpiece Halloween decoration



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sinister Halloween table decorations black tablecloth black tableware

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