Home of glass – spectacular lighting ideas and decors by La Murrina


Home of glass is the contemporary conception for an elegant beauty in the house, flat or studio apartment. It is not on mandatory for you to create by particular fragile and exquisite furniture such as coffee tables or amazing shelves and cabinets. Spectacular lighting ideas and decors made by glass are enough to bring the refinement of glass reflections and fusions into your wonderful home place.

La Murrina – spectacular lighting ideas from Murano


More than half a century ago a group of Italian glass masters gather together in a local craft studio, located in Murrina to share their artistic and designing skills. At first it was a small business for home decoration additions, however, in the middle of the 20th century the team behind the La Murrina studio has begun their real action in home glass decoration production by putting the lighting settings as the main products they counted on. During all of these years has made the designers and workers from the Italian group the best glass chandeliers and lamps manufacturers in the entire country. Their glory has spread around Europe and even beyond recently, so we would like to show you at least a couple of their spectacular lighting ideas and collection made by the team from Murano.

Spectacular lighting ideas by La Murrina


Trying to review all of the spectacular lighting ideas by La Murrina Company from Murano is an easy task due to the large amount of brilliant conceptions and diverse models. In short, we can only hint you that the chandeliers and LED systems, coming straight from this renewed Italian workshop, are totally unique and undetectable anywhere else in the world. The complex and delicate process of glass treatment is not a craft for anybody. It takes strong and dexterous hands an enormous concentration during each stage of the working. Curving, cutting, engraving, matting, laying, shaping, and stretching are only few of the glass operations that lead to beautiful product creation. In this case, La Murrina present over hundred of spectacular lighting ideas per year.

Creative approach for spectacular lighting ideas


Looking through all of these spectacular lighting ideas by La Murrina from Murano, we can group them in several groups. For instance, you can find awesome classic chandeliers and lamps that combine refinement, durability and elegance in a perfect unity, which will shine as a sun straight from your living room ceiling or from the dining room corners. For your lovely bedroom interior, the Italian company can offer you several contemporary glass lighting settings with a minimalist design, and a high-tech lamp by La Murrina could be a stylish addition to your office area. The neoclassical lighting ideas are perfect for any room from your home, just pick up a model and it will be easy to find a place for it.

Spectacular lighting ideas with modern twist


The very special groups of the spectacular lighting ideas by La Murrina are devoted to the most famous and loved styles in the home interior design conceptions – the typical Venetian style and the artistic style, where a creative mind can offer special eccentric and vanguard appearance for a particular product or décor. Borrowing the sensation of purity and eternity from the past epochs, the designers from the Italian company provide a big abundance of stunning chandeliers made by the most high-grade glass with golden and silver motives. From the creative spectacular lighting ideas, we strongly recommend you Lollipop S model and the simple Moony S.

Attractive lighting ideas by La Murrina


La Murrina are also distributing several awesome collections of glass decors for the home place, the office area, and even for public amenities, if you are a designer or an owner, who relies on the interior design in the entertainment business. Some of the products are designed and produced with the purpose of being special gifts for your beloved people.

Among the attractive decoration ideas by the glass masters from the La Murrina Company you can find magnificent figures, statuettes, vases, cups, sets of plates or wine glasses, and even original candlesticks for an aroma decoration at home. There are also dozens of mirror models for a bathroom and the bedroom dressing table.


White ornamented pendant


Black chandelier for classical interior


Colorful orange pendant lighting idea


Modern lighting ideas by la Murrina


Modern glas and metall pendant lighting


Elegant golden lighting idea


Classical golden interior lighting


Blue golden lamp living room


Amazing classic chandelier design


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