Surround the fire – Fireplace surround design ideas

If you have a fire or a stove that does not have a surround, and you want to add a touch of class to your home, then a traditional fireplace surround will add plenty of elegance. Here, we will explore more about the right type of material for a fireplace surround.

Marble fireplace surrounds

 marble fireplace surrounds

A marble fireplace surround adds real elegance to any gas or wood-burning fire. Each marble mantel has natural variation, which makes everyone unique. Marble fire surround come in a variety of styles and designs from classic Victorian designs to more contemporary designs.

Wood fire surrounds 

Wooden fireplace - surrounds

If you have been looking at quality wood fire surrounds, then you will know that they look amazing when they are set in the right environment. Much like the marble surrounds, the solid or natural timber will have naturally-occurring colours and grains, and this makes each surround unique.

Many people that buy a wooden fire surround look for one that has been untreated. This way before they put it in place they can treat it so that it matches the interior perfectly. However, never use a wooden fireplace surround that has not been treated correctly because it because it is a fire hazard.


Limestone fire surround 

Limestone fireplace - surrounds

If you have a contemporary home with a fireplace, a limestone solution may be the best answer. If you are looking at limestone surrounds.

The reason why limestone fire surrounds are ideal for contemporary homes is because they are usually matt finished. This gives them a slick, glossed look, which is often perfect for a home that has been designed to suit this style.

Above are three of the main options you have when you want to purchase a fireplace surround. There are also plenty of other solutions like brick and stone. Each of them have their own benefits, but in terms of how it looks when set against the fire, quality wood fire surrounds have to be at the top of the list if you have a traditional home.

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