Glorious gold and silver Halloween pumpkins

gold and silver Halloween pumpkins gold pumpkins autumn leaves

Central to the whole Halloween celebration the Halloween pumpkin takes pride of place.  These wonderful festive orange fruits become transformed for the occasion into weird and wonderful decorations and fearsome Jack O’ Lanterns.  Originating in Ireland this tradition traveled to America with the first Irish settlers and now it has become part of Halloween fun on a global scale.

gold and silver Halloween pumpkins silver sparkle pumpkin

This feature looks at what happens to the traditional pumpkin or Jack O’ Lantern when placed in the hands of artists and designers.  This gallery of highly unusual gold and silver Halloween pumpkins designs may well inspire you to great things on Halloween and beyond.

Gorgeous gold and silver Halloween pumpkins – Gilded pumpkins

DIY gold and silver Halloween pumpkins gold spray pumpkins home decor

These wonderful items have to include the most lavish ways to create interesting pumpkin designs and a Halloween pumpkin centerpiece.  In fact, why stop at one when a whole cluster of shimmering pumpkins and gourds will look spectacular inside or outside your house?  For instructions on how to make these read on.

Gold and Silver Halloween Pumpkins – Autumn Chandelier with Halloween Pumpkins


This black gothic style chandelier has been adorned with burnished miniature gold Halloween pumpkins. The golden fruits and leaves appear to float above the table decoration as they are suspended on invisible thread from the light fitting.  The beauty of this captivating display is that it is also suitable for a more long lasting autumnal home ornamentation so there is no need to take it down after Halloween.

Gold and Silver Pumpkins in a Decorative Autumn display


Gold and silver pumpkins look gorgeous as part of a more eclectic display.  Here a rustic cupboard is also transformed by a touch of gold leaf and the gourds and pumpkins are incorporated into the composition alongside gilded Terra-cotta pots and paper roses. These are all transformed with imitation silver and gold leaf.

Sensational Silver and Gold Halloween Pumpkins


 Photos via Brown Paper Packages Blog

For something very cool and sophisticated look at these sensational silver Halloween pumpkins.  The fruits have been decorated with silver metallic paint and then intricate designs have been added using glittering rhinestone gems, available from good craft stores. These take a small amount of skill to create but if you have a steady hand and some patience you can achieve beautiful effects like these.  Of course it would be simple to substitute gold paint for an equally sumptuous effect

How to Create Your Own Gold and Silver Halloween Pumpkins


There are two basic methods for creating these fabulous gold and silver Halloween pumpkins.  The first technique is perhaps the simplest but is may not be the most enduring

To make the silver pumpkins you will need metallic spray paint, the featured designer recommends aluminum paint to achieve the same effect as in the illustrations.  If you prefer gold pumpkins then just swap to a gold metallic paint You will also need templates or stencil kits to provide suitable designs for your work.  You will need a fine marker pen and some strong quick setting adhesive. An assortment of craft gemstones and maybe metallic threads provides the finishing touch.

Create glittering silver halloween pumpkins


Preparation:  Make sure you have a clean and dust free working space.  Lay out all your materials in advance and ensure that you have protective paper on surfaces to prevent damage from your metallic paint and adhesive.

Step one:   Wipe in dust or dirt from your pumpkins or gourds and then spray with 2 coats of metallic paint.  Take care with this and read the instructions on the paint can.  If you spray too much paint in one go you may get undesirable drips and flaws.

Gemstones and decorative materials to create dazzling halloween pumpkin


STEP TWO:  When the metallic paint is completely dry you need to mark out your design.  Use the fine marker pen for this and use a stencil or template to guide you.  Planning your designs evenly in advance is important to make sure that you don’t run out of space.

STEP THREE:  Once you are happy with the layout of your design its time to apply your gemstones (or any other decorative materials you have chosen like metallic threads).  Apply dots of adhesive to the design, taking care to space these evenly.  Then attach the decorations firmly to the glue.  You will have to be patient and do this in stages otherwise your glue may dry out before you have finished.

halloween pumpkin with metallic spray paint and gems


Its really as simple as that, depending on how confident you are you can let you imagination go wild and produce glittering silver or gold pumpkins that even Faberge would have been proud of.

Gold and silver Halloween pumpkins – an eyecatcher on the halloween table


Using metallic Leaf to Decorate Your Gold and Silver Halloween Pumpkins.

This process is a little more demanding but it will give the most fantastic subtle effects.  The following instructions are taken from Carol Kemery, a designer painter who developed and produces a complete kit for gilding pumpkins.  Her products can be found on her website her company name is ‘Caromal Colours’

Step 1: Make sure the surface of your pumpkin is clean and dry. Apply a special base coat with a paintbrush to seal the surface. Let dry for 30 to 60 minutes.


Step 2: Position stickers on pumpkin, then apply “sticky size” over entire surface, including stickers. Leave until its clear and tacky, 10 to 20 minutes.


Step 3: Apply gold or silver leaf. Broken pieces of metal leaf, called Schaibin, lie easily on the pumpkin for a beautiful finish. With a soft cloth, smooth leaf onto surface to fill in gaps. Keep excess leaf for the next project.


Step 4:  Carefully pull off stickers using tweezers.


Step 5:  Apply toner with a paintbrush. Using a soft cloth, wipe away the toner to achieve the desired color. Leave the toner darker around the stem or in crevices for a more dramatic effect.


This is the process that was used to create the fabulous golden pumpkin displays illustrated at the beginning of this article.  So now you have the inspiration and the methods to create your own stunning gold and silver Halloween pumpkins.  These beautiful decorations are surely worth the effort and will enhance you home throughout the whole autumn season,

by Jaz


 Table decoration and gold and silver Halloween pumpkins centerpiece


Painted gold halloween pumpkins


Black and gold halloween pumpkins


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