Modern pendant lighting by Norm Architects

pendant lighting - designed by norm architects

Copenhagen-based design studio Norm creates multidisciplinary design for residential, commercial and industrial architecture. Founded in 2008 by architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, the considerably young company manages to develop its own individual style. Its philosophy is that the justification of a product is in its ability to distinguish itself from the rest aesthetically and in functionality. They rely on original ideas, proper materials and good craftsmanship to create products that are useful, beautiful and inspirational.

Original pendant lighting design

original pendant lighting - Mass light

Mass light is a design of modern pendant lighting that Norm creates. The product design represents a spherical glass body or set of bodies attached to a marble lamp-holder and hung on long black cables. It has a simple modern look and some classical reference through the marble. The modern pendant lighting design of Mass light is inspired by streets lamps which architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen see in European and American cities they travel such as Paris, Barcelona, New York. The designers are captured by the street lamp designs and adopt a few ideas from them for their own project. They turn the original street lamp into an indoor pendant lighting by separating the glass spherical body and transferring it into the new design. An original idea of the two architects is to use marble in the product to give it a warmer look. The marble plays an essential role in this modern pendant lighting design as it gives it the genuine qualities of a natural material. The stone adds contrast and glitter and makes the product more interesting with its distinctive pattern. The use of marble is not very often seen in indoor pendant lighting design which also makes Mass light quite innovative as well.

Mass light by Norm Studio – pendant lighting

pendant lighting design idea

The overall look of this modern pendant lighting is that it is a bold design and has a strong presence in the room. The contrast between the white glass and the dark marble and cable color put the product in the neutral palette and make it good indoor pendant lighting for the modern interior. The lamp is available as a single body or a set of bodies according to the customer’s needs. It can be hung in any room where it will decorate the home and fulfill the most important function of modern pendant lighting – provide a lot of light where you need it most.

By K.H.Hristova

beautiful pendant lighting

original pendant lighting by Norm Studio

pendant lighting with marble design

pendant lighting with marble design

small pendant ligthing design

Marble lamp holder design

modern pendant lighting- marble lamp holder

modern pendant lighting – design plan

modern pendant lighting -norm studio

pendant lighting draft

modern pendant lighting -design plan

creation of Masslighting by norm arhitects

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