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You need innovative home decoration ? There isn’t any doubt that this beautiful creation comes from a land where the bonsai tree is very popular.  The Japanese company Metaphys designed these miniature planter micro homes called “Ienami”.  Easy to look after, the planters are a very innovative, modern and chic decoration. Although they are a reminiscent of the Japanese household accessories, which usually requires a certain type of interior decoration, these miniature landscapes have a clean and sophisticated design which makes them appropriate for almost all type of interior.

Ienami is a spectacular home decoration idea

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What makes these planters such an unique home decoration solution? Made of special stone powder resemble real residential buildings with planters over the rooftop. The plants have to be small and delicate such as succulents and mosses. You can arrange each planter differently and that way you will never get tired of its development. These miniature buildings come to life thanks to nature and imagination. They are an ideal decoration for those who want indulge the art of Bonkei which has a very special place in Japanese culture and history.  “Ienami’ in Japanese means “rooftops” and also “row of houses”.  The creators of these contemporary micro homes from Metaphys have taken both meanings very literarily. They resemble a real building with stairs that lead to the rooftop where the lovely greenery awaits.

Incredible home decoration miniature house planter enlightens the atmosphere

row miniature houses planter decorations

The home decoration miniature planters are offered in four variations – Roji (which means Alley), Hiroba (the Plaza or square), Tunnel, and Zig Zag. They can be used to decorate different corners of the home, or they can be put together to form a lovely plant neighborhood. With their clean, gorgeous design they are absolutely appropriate to any home interior. The Ienami planters are a great addition to every interior or exterior. If you have a passion for gardening this is the perfect innovative decoration to your home plant collection.

Ienami are an original home decorative idea for every home, office or even public place

ienami micro homes original planters

Ienami – a Japanese miniature planter decorative piece for every contemporary interior 

ienami planted rooftop planter decoration

Fantastic miniature rooftop nature-inspired decoration 

innovative japanese decorative set planters

Japanese miniature landscape decorative idea 

chic plant decoration technology

Super innovative clean-design nature-inspired decoration

innovative plant design decoration

Lovely home decorative solution for those who enjoy gardening

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