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Ghouls, Ghost and things that go bump in the night!  All kids want to feel a little thrill of the supernatural on 31st October.  “Trick or treat, trick or treat” the streets are ringing with this popular chant on Halloween, as small gangs of diminutive witches, wizards, vampires and phantoms take to the streets, expectantly knocking on doors to receive their traditional treats.  The most fortunate children will get to go to a Halloween party where they can really get into the spooky spirit of the night.  Imaginative Halloween party decorations will get the party off with a swing.

Setting the Mood with Hand Made Halloween Party Decorations


There is no shortage of store bought goods to transform your home into a likely ‘lair’ for you ‘small monsters’ party entertainment.  However, it is so much more fun to make and personalize your own Halloween party decorations.  Even more so if you get the kids to join in!  The following ideas are all simple and quick to make and do not require expensive materials or any special skills.

Bat Infested  Party Entrance – Halloween Party Decorations


Decorating your front entrance for Halloween adds a special touch and will certainly raise the eyebrows of your small visitors.  A super simple but effective Halloween party decorations for your front door is to cover it with the silhouettes of eerie black bats. Making these creepy creatures requires little skill and only simple tools and materials.  You will need black felt fabric (or card), a sharp pair of scissors, white chalk, adhesive tape and templates of bats in three sizes (free bat templates are available on Google).

Hand made Halloween decoration


STEP 1:  Find three suitable bat templates, print these on white paper and cut out each shape carefully.  You will only need half of the bat shape for each size.

STEP 2:  Fold your felt or black card in half and lay out the template with the straight edge of the template against the fold, pin securely in place.

STEP 3:  Draw around the half bat shape with the white chalk.

STEP 4:  Cut out the shape of your bat carefully making sure you go through the double layer of fabric or card.  Open out the shape to reveal the full bat silhouette.

STEP 5:  Repeat step 4 until you have a good number of bats in the three different sizes

STEP 6:  Now its time to attach these to your front door and the surrounding entrance, use adhesive tape but make sure that it isn’t too sticky otherwise it might damage your paintwork.

Funky Ghost Halloween Party Decorations


One of the most unusual and effective Halloween party decorations to make is this funky little ghost.  Make a whole bunch of these and suspend them around the party room for a really thrilling effect.  These little fellows are a little bit scary but cute as well, providing just the right balance for impressionable children.  These are surprisingly quick and easy to make.  You will need: paper cups, small balloons, adhesive tape, cheesecloth or muslin, PVA glue or fabric stiffener, black felt or card and invisible thread or fishing line.

 Exciting Ideas for Halloween spooky-halloween-table-decoration

Preparation:  Balance one of the small paper cups on top of another that is turned upside down.  Tape the cups together. Inflate a small balloon and rest it in the top cup. Cut cheesecloth/Muslin into pieces that measure approx 20.5 cm square and fill a bowl with dilute PVA (50/50 solution) or fabric stiffener

To speed up your process prepare a number of balloon supports so you can make more than on ghost at a time.

Step 1:  Soak pieces of cheesecloth/muslin in PVA solution or fabric stiffener and immediately drape over the balloons. Leave them to dry completely.

Step 2:  Pop the balloons with a pin to reveal the hardened shapes. For each little ghost, cut two small circles out of black felt for eyes and stick them to the ghost with PVA glue.

Step 3:  Remove the ghost from cup and use your fingers to fray the ends. Thread fishing line through the top of each funky ghost, securing with a knot to hang.

Traditional Halloween Party Decorations – Jack O’ Lanterns


Children will love to create their own scary Jack O’ Lanterns and these are of course the most traditional Halloween party decoration of all.  Before preparing each lantern, get your kids to draw out their scary face ideas with thick marker pen on the skin of each pumpkin.  These designs need to be big and bold for ease of cutting.  The children can help scoop out the flesh from the pumpkin, but carving the face will need some skill and control with a sharp knife so adults or older children will need to help with this. Once carved use small tea lights to illuminate the lantern. Make sure these are placed safely away from children and any fire hazards.  For a safer version you could use LED bulbs instead of candles.

Alternative Black and White Jack O’ Lanterns


These are actually quite scary and may be more suitable for Halloween party decorations for older children. The main difference is that you paint the pumpkin white with acrylic paint and highlight the features with black paint or marker pens.  Very Eerie!!!!

In general; black, white and orange or red are typical colors associated with Halloween night.  Combining these colors will create the right mood and coordinate your decorative scheme.  Another simple trick to transform your party area is to drape white or black dustsheets over large pieces of furniture.

Sheets as decoration for Halloween


Of course this has the added advantage of protecting against sticky fingers and spillages!  Add in liberal quantities of fake cobwebs, low lighting and the atmosphere will be perfect for a scary Halloween party for your children.   You could also get the adrenalin running with the occasional blast of a spooky sound effect, maybe a creaky door, the rattle of chains and an occasional ghostly moan.

Sweet Treats as Creepy Halloween Party Decorations


For Kids, eating candy is one of the highlights of Halloween.  It doesn’t matter whether its home made traditional sweets or standard store bought confectionary, its all part of the same spooky fun.  So, here’s an idea, why not make the sweet treats part of your Halloween party decoration scheme?  This idea is particularly gruesome and guaranteed to delight.

Gruesome Gravestone Lollipops Halloween Party Decorations


Step 1: For each scary lollipop, print and cut out two tombstones images, then glue them, to a sheet of firm black paper with a glue stick. When dry, cut around each tombstone, leaving a neat black -paper border, as shown.

Step 2: Turn one tombstone picture facedown and spread the glue stick along its outer edges at the top and sides only. Place the other tombstone on top of it, facing up. Press the edges together to create one lollipop cover. Allow this to dry completely

Step 3: Using a fine-tipped black pen to spell out “RIP” — or a maybe a guest’s name — on one side.

Step 4: Repeat directions above to create additional lollipop covers. Insert lollipop. Place florists foam in a bowl and stand lollipops in the foam. Then fill the bowl with crushed chocolate biscuits to look like graveyard earth. Yum – Happy Halloween!!!!

by Jaz

Table with Halloween themed sweets


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Halloween decoration – fireplace


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