Ceramic art – fantastic Apple Sculptures as home or garden decor

orange apple center piece decoration

These ceramic art apple sculptures by Bull&Stein don’t only have a “tasty” fruity look, but they are also a wonderful addition to every interior design style. The creator of this simple but gorgeous and very interesting decorative piece is the talented artist Lisa Pappon. What is so incredible about her designs? Is it the fact that she combines natural forms and classic shapes with unusual colors or her exceptional choice of materials? Perhaps it is the mixture of both that makes her work so “deliciously” wonderful and exquisite. Her fruity collection doesn’t end with apples, but it also includes cherries, pears, and lemons deliciously lovely just the same. The colors are bold and electric – an eclectic palette of bright rainbow colors from spring green to flashy pink, and a little bit more sophisticated white and black. Only some of the pieces come in metallic, matte velvet or glossy finish.

Incredible ceramic art fruit collection for a fantastic decor

 amazing collection fruit sculptures

Absolutely perfect for every interior style, these wonderful ceramic art pieces are meant to create an enchanting enlightenment of the corners of the house and add a little more creative appeal to the home or the outdoor environment. Surely Bull&Stein have created marvelous sculptures.  They can be set pretty much everywhere – in the garden or in the hall, living room, bedroom even in the bathroom.

Ceramic art can be eye-catching and a delicious decoration

 lovely red apple sculpture garden decoration

You may find this ceramic art sculptures simple, but the talented Brazilian artist – Lisa Pappon has searched for the universal symbol for quite some time. Her journey has led her to her “Eden sculptures” that have become her artistic signature today. Because of their inner power to generate positive energy and spread it around the room, their popularity has instantly grown. Positivity, nature, and love are just some of the many words that can describe these special sculptures.The giant apple can create a lovely contrast in every type of interior or exterior. It can be suitable for the corner near the fireplace or next to the garden table. There isn’t a place in the world, that doesn’t lack a little – fruitfulness.

The ceramic art collection apple decoration

spectacular creative ceramic art sculptures

Incredibly chic dark shade ceramic apple decoration for the outdoors

spectacular looking dark shade ceramic polished apple sculptures

Lovely transparent green apple sculpture for a modern interior 

transparent green apple giant sculpture

Transparent apple sculptures in different sizes

transparent lovely ceramic apple sculpture

Elegant and stylish – the ceramic art apple sculpture is a lovely addition to every contemporary interior 

transparent apple collection sculpture pieces

Perfect for every interior or exterior decor 

silver apple sculpture decoration

Pink apple sculpture – the best choice for a rustic decor 

rustic interior modern decorative sculpture piece

interesting fruit sculpture design

natural lovely ceramic art decoration

nature inspired decorative pieces

orange transparent fruit collection sculptures home decor

mat blue ceramic art decorative pieces

innovative fruit sculpture piece

incredible innovative outdoor ceramic sculptures decoration

apple ceramic sculptures home garden decoration

green apple sculpture garden decor

giant apple ceramic art sculpture decoration

gardening sculpture decorative piece

ceramic art apple sculptures spectacular decor

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