Lantern centerpieces – romantic table decoration ideas

romantic table decoration ideas lantern centerpiece fresh flowers

Lanterns are one of the most popular elements for festive decorations because they have a simple form and very practical. Lantern centerpieces are immediate eye catchers and one of the versatile table decors for any occasion. Lanterns are a beautiful accessory and they perfectly combine with any color scheme and design style. Silver and gold reflect the flames in a gorgeous way while navy blue and white combined with white or wooden lanterns will create a lovely beach style decor. If you wanted a decor in a nostalgic vintage style, lanterns and flowers are the perfect addition to your table.

 Lantern centerpieces as wedding table decoration

Wedding table decorations lantern centerpieces flowers candles

A particularly attractive idea is to use lantern centerpieces as wedding table decorations. In this way you can create a vintage look and a homely atmosphere. The candles always make the atmosphere more romantic and intimate. The advantage of using lantern centerpieces instead of only candles, is that lanterns are much safer and a better choice, especially for an outdoor reception. Lanterns are safer choice when children are present at the party. Combined with flowers, tea candles and fine china, lanterns are a fantastic and very festive decor for a wedding party.

Lantern centerpieces for seasonal table decoration

Spring table decoration colorful lanterns centerpiece spring flowers

Lantern centerpieces are suitable for various festive decorations. Christmas, Halloween, Spring and Easter – a lantern at the center of the table always looks stylish. The greatest advantage of lanterns is that they are suitable for any decoration theme – nautical, romantic, sophisticated and elegant. Lanterns can be combined with any other decorative elements – evergreens and cones, shells and sand, rocks and stones, fresh flowers and dry tree branches – anything that you may think of. Lanterns are affordable and it is not necessary to buy expensive items. One big lantern can be a table centerpiece or smaller ones to be grouped together for an even bigger impression. With different shapes, sizes and colors, lanterns are versatile and always fashionable and impressive.

 white flowers lantern table centerpiece ideas romantic table decor


table decorations lantern centerpiece purple white roses


vintage table decoration ideas lantern centerpiece fresh flowers


vintage table decoration glass lantern festive table decoration ideas


vintage style lanterns beach theme shells boat


beach style table decoration DIY lantern centerpiece rope


Nautical table setting festive table decor ideas candelabras lantern


nautical table decor white lanterns shells lighthouse shape


festive table decor lantern centerpiece small lanterns seastars


maritime table decoration beach wedding decor lanterns tea candles


lantern centerpiece wedding table decoration ideas flower arrangements


lantern centerpiece table decoration halloween decoration ideas


lantern centerpieces christmas decoration ideas festive tables


DIY table decoration christmas table decor lanterns branches


christmas decorations table decor ideas lantern centerpiece fresh flowers


christmas table decoration ideas lantern centerpiece cones roses


beautiful table centerpieces white lantern fresh flowers



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