Dynamic Chevrons Enliven Modern Interiors

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The dynamic chevron is easily is one of the most popular recent pattern prints. Every branch of interior and home design has been promoting this dynamic design. Once the domain of heraldry and warning signs, the classic chevron or zigzag has been applied to; home decor, stationary accessories and high fashion clothing. The trigger for this rise in popularity seems to have coincided with the launch of the fashion collection, Missoni for Target’ in September 2011.  Here the use of the chevron in colorful combinations is reminiscent of a style craze that was popular in the ‘groovy’ 1970’s the era of ‘Peace and Love’.


Dynamic Chevrons Enliven Modern Interiors

Contemporary home decor ideas

The dynamic chevron is a lively, angular pattern which makes a great alternative to more sedate stripes. As shown by ‘Missoni for Target’, this design works well in full color or for an even more dramatic effect, select it in stark black and white.


Choose Dynamic Chevrons for a Retro Look

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The classic black and white chevron has a distinctive retro appeal when applied to walls.  The bold repeating pattern and powerful contrast adds an elegant and enduring appeal to larger living spaces.

Looking back over the ages the dynamic chevron has been applied to both architecture and interior designs for centuries.  The current revival has a fresh and energetic appeal, small dynamic chevron patterns are applied for a gentler appeal whilst big brave chevron patterns create striking focal points of rugs, tiles, curtains and other soft furnishings such as chic bedding.


The Surprising Adaptability of the Dynamic Chevron

Lovely chevron curtains for kid`s room


Looking at the collection of room settings here, it appears that, the dynamic chevron pattern will fit it to pretty much any style of interior environment.  Chevron rugs and curtains have been combined with delicate floral patterns.  Chevron flooring compliments rustic organic furniture and ornamentation.  Plain rooms embrace a chevron detail, and more ‘busy’ interiors seem to welcome the design discipline introduced by a chevron feature rug.


Decoration Ideas with Dynamic Chevrons

Home interior with dynamic chevrons

Your home interior may be: cutting edge modern, minimalist, classical or even country house chic, it doesn’t really matter.  If you want to bring your interior bang up to date it seems all you need to do is find some space to accommodate an area of this dynamic chevron pattern.  Maybe a rug, a duvet cover or even some chevron decorated picture frames.


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