Eco Easter Baskets

mini easter baskets paper easter baskets

 It doesn’t matter if it is a holiday or not, the modern world is always on the “Eco subject”. Create an Eco  Easter baskets and astonish your friends and family. This is definitely one of the most creative and thoughtful ways to say “Happy Easter” to someone.

Eco Easter Baskets

eco easter baskets paper baskets for Easter

Fill the baskets with Eco-products. Some of the products shown here in this article are made of recycled wool , like the wool Ipod pocket. If the recipient of the basket is into gardening why not give them some seeds for their own plants as well as some gardening shoes made of recycled materials. A beautifully created cotton pillow filled with lavender is definitely something the basket receiver would love. A pet plant that grows rye grass hair – you remember that since when you were a child right ? The grass will grow within less than 1-2 weeks. Of course, the basket should include something sweet – how about some organic chocolate ? Fill it with chocolate bars to make Easter taste good.

Eco Easter Baskets Ideas 

Mini Easter Baskets eco friendly easter baskets

This basket can easily suit as a gift for any family member or someone special for you. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will definitely be rewarded. This basket is not only something extremely creative and innovative , it is also something very pleasant to do. Finding the right things for that special someone is a lot of fun. You can also decorate the basket and add a little personal touch to it like adding a handmade Easter card to it, made of recycled paper and other craft materials. Use your own handwriting to write the greeting inside the card. This will definitely be the best gift for Easter that you have ever done.

eco friendly easter baskets ideas

Don’t hesitate to experiment. Create your own Eco Easter baskets , using your creative skills. Surely you will manage to do something absolutely fantastic, but don’t forget that the most important ingredients are kindness and love.

Eco Easter Baskets


Paper Easter Basket eco friendly easter baskets


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diy paper easter basket eco easter baskets ideas

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