Romantic bedroom Art Deco


Luxury Art Deco bedroom design

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house. It almost never enter strangers. This is the place for family recreation, reading an interesting book. Usually the bedroom is the most romantic room, allowing relaxation after the workday. It is important to choose what style of interior design. We offer interesting ideas to furnish your bedroom Art Deco. Projects can be implemented with fewer resources and with more imagination and taste for beauty.

Elegant Art Deco bedroom


Elegant Art Deco bedroom design

Art Deco is the eclectic artistic style. The beginning was set in the 20s of last century in Paris. In interior design is popular as elegance and luxury. Bedroom furniture in Art Deco style and are large. They are usually made of expensive and exotic wood. Most preferred are ebony, mahogany and oak, redwood, maple. The tree is often inlaid. Skins of exotic animals like zebra, glass, chrome, ivory and other materials are mirrors in the bedroom Art Deco. Only the finest materials to create a sense of luxury and style. The decoration is geometric shapes-triangles, squares, broken lines, Egyptian symbols. Soft colors in one shade are preferred in the bedroom Art Deco. Often they have a metallic sheen, and make sense of luxury.

Luxury bedroom design


Luxury bedroom Art Deco design

Bright colors are included here as fresh accents in the form of pillows, curtains, carpets, decorative objects of exquisite vases, paintings, candlesticks. The walls of the room in pastel colors. The most common flooring of bedroom Art Deco is polished parquet floors, which is arranged in interesting geometric shapes. In the same geometric lines and a carpet in the room. Gold and silver are an excellent choice of color in the bedroom Art Deco. Shades of precious metals used in picture frames, jewelry box, lamps and paintings on the ceiling of the room.

Stylish black bedroom design


Stylish black bedroom design

They create shine and comfort, the lamps in the bedroom Art Deco made of glass and chrome relatively new material. Glass lighting fixtures can be engraved with enamel, white or colored. Great is one busy day to retire to rest in a beautiful and artistic bedroom. If the room is well done with taste and eye for detail, it is nice and cozy and this is the most important quality of the bedroom.

Text by Dani Alexandrova

Modern Art Deco bedroom design


Modern Art Deco bedroom design

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