Pros and cons of a circle bed – is it worth having?

modern circle bed stylish bedroom interior design beige gold accents

Square or rectangular beds are the beds that you will see in almost every bedroom. We are used to them and we consider them as the most convenient and practical. We spend a third of our life sleeping and we have to rest in such a way that our body and mind are able to relax completely. The idea of having a circle bed is not acceptable to many people as they consider this bed design as impractical and even unnatural. We shall review the pros and cons of round beds so that you are able to decide for yourself if it is worth having a circle bed or not.


The pros of a circle bed


White bedroom design modern round bed round side table

One of the biggest advantages of a circle bed is the originality. You will have a stylish piece of furniture which works with so many design styles – classic, modern, minimalist, etc and your round bed will definitely attract attention. Circle beds have no corners, and hence no bumps and bruises or accidental injuries on little children. When the bed has the right size people can take any position lying on the bed and turn in any direction. A round bed, according to psychologists, makes a person feel more secure. Some models are equipped with storage space which is quite considerable and you can conveniently store bedding or anything else.


The cons of a circle bed


stylish bedroom interior design circle bed high tufted headboard

However, having a circle bed has some disadvantages. One of the most difficult things is to find the right place for the bed in the bedroom. Obviously, when the bedroom is large enough, this is not an issue, but in smaller rooms this could be a challenge. In addition, the choice of round beds is quite limited in shops and sometimes they cost more than normal beds but you must remember that this furniture is not standard and it needs special technology to be crafted. Finding suitable bedding sets is another major problem. Manufacturers have noted that and some of them offer specially designed sheets for round beds. The lack of boards is a problem for the people who move a lot during sleep and they can easily wake up on the floor. But, they can also fall from a standard bed, right?


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