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Children room design

Room for small and older children in the family is among the most important in the home. It should be cozy, comfortable and functional. It is usually the largest and most bright room in the house. It is better to be facing south. It will provide a greater amount of sunlight in the room of children. Its design brings taste.Teenagers have different requirements for the design of the room by young children.

Practical teen room


Practical teen room

Doll house and many cars have been replaced with PC music and video. Bed is greater. Grown-up boys and girls need a small seating area in which to meet friends. Practical room for a teenager can be done only by shifting some of the furniture even if the purchase we have considered that the child grows and needs change. In this case replacement of textiles in the room, painting the walls and furniture of the room will make a new and unique design.

Teen room furniture


Teen room furniture and decoration

It is necessary to put books on shelves. The window is mandatory Bureau of prep. It must be large enough to hold books, notebooks and PC.And interior decoration in the rooms of boys and girls are different. Roger’s room young lady is in warm colors-red, yellow and very popular lately soft pink. Room of young in various shades of blue, gray, brown and black. These colors are the walls, bedding and furniture.

Girls canopy bed


Girls canopy bed

Some girls want a canopy bed. He adds romance to the room. Most of the young ladies insist on a mirror in the room. It can be mounted on the door of the wardrobe. So other than being useful, the mirror makes the room bigger and brighter.In the room the boys almost always punch bag, gym equipment, models of airplanes, ships, trains and other “male” toys.

Posters decoration


Posters decoration for teen room

The walls are covered with posters of bands, athletes, actors. At first glance, even some chaos reigns. But exactly what appeals to most boys. They feel good in its atmosphere.Upon placement of furniture should be avoided bed and seating is on the line between the door and window. It is not good bed is an outside wall.
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Double teenager room


Double teenager room

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