Decorating your bedroom with Him in mind – special for girls


Elegant romantic bedroom

Bedroom what we know it for centuries has been always a private place. Mostly, this room represents the intimacy and the hidden desires and wishes of females. This article is devoted to those shy and meanwhile really passionate and romantic girls, who are ready to express their love feelings even by the interior design in their bedrooms. Decorating your bedroom with Him in mind is a special recommendation from us to all of us, girls, who are dying to show the world how much you love the man besides you.


Minimalist bedroom design

Such an interior design will accomplish three main goals – first, you will achieve some really romantic and lovely bedroom at home; second, you will feel really good in this environment – as good as you feel, when you are together with you r partner in life – and third, you will express something – a thought, a conception and a devotion – and this is usually the missing part in most interior design ideas nowadays. Start with the task to examine your own bedroom. You should sum up well what are the dominating colors and following the line, to decorate the room with Him in mind.

Green bedroom design


Green bedroom design

You can even use his favorite color – a blue or a green (main favorite to males) minimalistic bedroom is a great decision after all! Arrange his photos on the wall – you can use some special frames – made from elegant glass or iron. Another option is to stick the images on the wall and to get some nice and original wallpaper. Cover the shelves with all His present that he has ever given to you – including old letters, little modest souvenirs, dried flowers, borrowed books and even his favorite music CDs, which you still owe him.

Romantic green bedroom inspiration interior


Romantic green bedroom inspiration interior

Be romantic, express your feelings! Do no scare from showing who you are and who you love – this will make You better and this will give you more love! Decorating your bedroom with Him in a mind is an everyday present to yourself and to Him, as well – lovely, different and extra ordinary interior design that will not be seen in many houses.
Text by Abigail

Stylish bedroom design


Stylish bedroom design

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