Bedroom ideas in a red nuance


Comfortable red and black bedroom

Bedroom is the room where we should be extremely careful when choosing the color scheme for the interior design. The reason for this statement comes from the body need of rest and harmony and in a place where the atmosphere can press on you, the relaxation is impossible. It is a big mistake thinking that the perfect bedroom comes in light nuances which can calm us down and can make us fall asleep. Bright shades could be also a source of positive energy, especially the pastel ones such as pink and purple. Naturally, we should be careful with the dazzling colors. They have the function to attract our attention and stimulate feelings as some euphoria, passion and excitement.

Minimalist red bedroom


Minimalist red bedroom with white bed

We should agree with you that these sensations are desired in the bedroom, but there moments, as well, when the only thing a tired and stressed person need is some rest, peace and harmony. So, please do not overact with screaming colors in order to create some romantic and passionate mood, especially when you do not have a partner yet. Be precise and cautious with the red nuances – use them but do not overuse!

Red minimalist bedroom


Red minimalist bedroom furniture design

A contemporary bedroom in a light and tender color scheme can be transformed in an awesome way by putting some life in it with a red accent. This accent can be a panting on the wall, where red shades dominate, or red eccentric reading lamp on the bedside table. As a terrific red accent may be also used a Persian carpet in white and red hearts or a red vases full of red artificial roses.

Red bed


Red round bed in minimalist bedroom

For your crazy minimalistic bedroom you may also buy some red set of cabinets and cupboard. Black motives on the wall will be perfectly collaboration with the main furniture in the room. A red bed is a classic eccentricity for any creative and artistic person.

Red minimalist bedroom


Red minimalist bedroom with white furniture

Red dots or stripes on a pure wall painted in white with latex can make some interesting mosaic and can replace any tediously decoration, which we see in any bedroom nowadays. Another fantastic accent in the contemporary minimalistic bedroom organized in one nuance only, can be a door polished in red.


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