Princess room designs


Every girl and every woman wants to be a princess and to have a princess room – or at least once this thought has gone through the tender female soul. Even the strongest woman in the world dreams of a prince and this dream is the best kept secret in her own mind and her own bedroom. And female bedroom is princess`s chamber, the way every woman is a princess for at least one man standing next to her.

Princess bedroom design


Princess bedroom design

Princess bedroom is the easiest to achieve and in the same time the most enchanting interior design that designers from all over the world introduce in their portfolios. Beginning with the color scheme, It is very important for us to notice that pink is not the only one option. Naturally, pink bedroom suits to princess`s world. Pink sheets, pink wall papers and pink vases near by the big mirror for making up is the classic alternative for creating bedroom for a real princess.

Luxury girl room


Luxury girl room

Luxury ideas for the interior design in the princess girl room contains different colors – not only pink, but purple, golden, white, yellow and even blue. The fairy mood is rendered by the big bed with hangings from silk and decorated with flowers or light spots. Almost the same feeling of coziness and magic can be impressed by golden decoration – vases, sculptures on the shelves or baroque lamp.

Pink girl room design


Pink girl room design

Princess bedroom must suit to the girl`s needs. That is why here, except for a bed and enormous cupboard with tones of compartments, we find much more furniture. Every princess needs her own dressing table and a mirror. Choose some modern set or combine minimalistic dressing table with classic royal mirror. Save for these elements, in the princess`s bedroom we can also find little low table for reading coupled with a reading lamp in typical female shape – flower, heart or sun.

Girl room furniture


Girl room furniture in purple and white

Girl room should be also wide and lighted enough for the daily activities. Appropriate illumination is not enough. Make sure that you choose the right place for the room. Bedroom should be glazed with big windows. They will definitely need soft and nice curtains, that slips to the ground and that are big enough to hide the light from outside when the princess need some sleep.

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