Furnishing a children’s bedroom

Furnishing a children’s bedroom


Contemporary bedroom for newborn baby

The child’s bedroom is the place in a household which most frequently needs a change in furnishing. As its inhabitants grow up, the entire furnishing design needs to be changed. The furniture is replaced and the way of arranging them is also altered.
The furnishing of a newborn’s room requires a minimal amount of furniture and maximum fresh air. Compulsory elements include a child’s bed, a place for changing the baby’s clothes and a toys crib. The colours must be light, warm and unostentatious.

Baby room furniture


White contemporary baby room furniture

The furniture should be easy to clean without using much chemical substances. The light is best to be natural sunlight during the daytime. The night lighting ought to be discrete. In the choice of wall-papers, curtains and decoration, it is best that the images are such as those, which the child sees in its toys.

Children room furniture


Children room furniture in fresh colors

The child’s room will go under constant renovations each year. As the child starts walking, sufficient space will have to be left for a playing ground. As the number of toys increases, there should be a separate place, in which to store them in. Buying new furniture, such as kids’ table and chairs, will affect how the room is arranged. Some of the furniture will have to be multifunctional to avoid overcrowding the room with too many objects.

Student room


Student room with wooden furniture

The student’s room requires a complete change in the furnishing of a child’s room. Some space will have to be devoted to place a computer desk, a comfortable chair, book-shelves and a chest of drawers for storing various school possessions and texts-books. The small clothes’ chests of drawers will have to give way to a clothes closet, big enough to store all the child’s clothes. The lighting will have to be planned in such a way, that it puts an accent on a particular space. The desk lamp is a necessity. The place for studying will have to be carefully thought out and well-lit.

Teen room for girls


Luxury teen room for girls

The teenager’s room should be furnished with the active participation of its inhabitant. Apart from the necessary furniture, such as a bed, a desk, a chair or two, clothes closets and chests of drawers, a place has to be devoted for its owner to store his favourite possessions in. Choosing the colours must also be the adolescent’s decision. The only thing, which should be compulsory, is that the room doesn’t get overcrowded with unnecessary objects. The prime concern is that the room always offers comfort and convenience for its inhabitant, regardless of his age. It should be his favourite part of the household.

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