French artistic bedroom


French artistic bedroom interior

French bedroom interior design is characterizing with artistic elements, natural presence and romance. Colors are light and soft and materials are usually eco friendly. What you cannot find in a French artistic bedroom is the heavy rock furniture, black gothic ornaments and inadequate line of organizing the whole room. Still, French bedrooms are modern and impress with their harmony and well-balanced decorations.

Stylish French bedroom


Stylish French bedroom in blue and white

This interior idea for a French artistic bedroom combines blue, white and pink shades. They, naturally, symbolizes peace and stability, love and calmness. There is no matter actually what kind of flooring the designer of this room has chosen. The whole floor is covered with simple carpet in a classic mosaic motives in blue, white and pink – the whole color scheme in the room. Then, all these three colors we find in furniture, decorations and curtains.

French bedroom


Elegant French bedroom design

Curtains in the bedroom fall down the floor. They are made from light material – cotton, linen or silk. Blue length is alternated with white one – like the wools alternates with each other monotonously minute by minute. Seaside motive is adopted in the other wall decoration – the abstract painting. All these pink, blue and white shades are introduced in artistic mess of spots, blots and lines. Anybody can easily see how the painting takes up the main role in the interior design of this artistic French bedroom and meanwhile, it makes some great combinations with all the other elements – the vase and the fresh flowers in it, the furniture and the carpet on the floor.

Artistic French bedroom


Artistic French bedroom

Bed in the bedroom is a bed for princesses and princes. Comfortable pillows cover the silk sheets and welcome you in. Actually, the whole bedroom is really welcoming. There is an extra sofa in the room – means you feel pleased to receive some guests any time. Contemporary set of minimalistic table and classic chairs means you can welcome anybody who needs some privacy for finishing office work, homework or just for having time with himself or herself. There is no doubt in this statement – French people are welcoming, artistic and posses fine taste for interior and exterior.

Cozy French bedroom


Cozy French bedroom design

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