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Setting the proper bedroom lighting could be just what you need to finalize your room’s interior design and create the right mood. There are lots of interesting modern ideas about where and how to place your lighting so that you get the most of your place and turn it from an ordinary room to a place of magic.

creative bedroom lighting


One of the most interesting and magnetic bedroom lighting sources are those with spherical shape. You can either hang them from the ceiling or mount them to the wall and enjoy the simple modern beauty of their smooth shapes. Use different sizes of spheres for a more rich and interesting image and don’t afraid to put a large number of these lamps as long as you use lower wattage bulbs.

bedroom lighting under the bed


If you’re not into ceiling lighting you can try our second suggestion. It is a great way to create a modern bedroom lighting by choosing free standing lamps and placing them on the floor. They should have something interesting and unusual in them to draw the attention so that you can use them as accent pieces as well. It is better to go for a bold color or a unique shape or both if you really want to make an impact.

lamps with unusual forms bedroom-lighting-ideas-unusual-forms

The third modern wave in bedroom lighting that we would like to suggest would be to install your lighting in the furniture and make it an invisible part in the interior when the lights are off. This is a very good way to create an intimate atmosphere by having soft illumination coming from within the bed, bookcase, wardrobe, etc.

pendant lighting


And finally if you are more into classic remember that regular bed lamps and scones will never go out of fashion and will remain the eternal hit in bedroom lighting. They do, however evolve and adopt a more contemporary and minimalist look which means that they are not boring at all. In fact, some of their new looks and styles are bound to bring a desirable amount of style and charm to your bedroom.

by K.H.Hristova

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