Couple ideas for decoration in the minimalistic bedroom


Minimalist bedroom with wooden bed

Bedroom, together with the lounge, are maybe most decorated rooms at home. The reason why we decorate our bedrooms so frequently and with so many element and decors is hiding in a sentimental attitude to things. Those, which remind us of something beautiful and intimate, we put next to our bed, or on the bedside table.



Modern bedroom with minimalist interior

All shelves in bedroom are very often hoarded with souvenirs and presents we have been received through the years. They are cool enough to us to play the role of the most appropriate decors in bedroom. But some of people prefer to live in present and looking forward – to the future. They let go past and chase away the nostalgic feelings and things that may remind them something that is already gone. Here, some advises for people who do not live with memories and who need some ideas for bedroom decoration. Minimalistic, of course!

Minimalist bedroom


Minimalist bedroom whith black bed and flowers

Flowers. Flowers are the most common decor in bedroom – especially if it is inhabited by a woman or at least it is decorated by a woman. To be a little bit more original than the others, avoid sheets with flowers or some stupid and really boring vases with flowers on the table near the cupboard. Put a carpet which is made in a shape of flower or get some lamp in a shape of flower.Another idea is to draw a flower (red, pink or purple) on the pure white walls.

Orange minimalist bedroom


Orange minimalist bedroom design

Colors. Amazing play of colors in the minimalistic bedroom could be also a great idea for decoration. Paint the whole room in extravagant blue or in mysterious black and beautify with electric green decors the shelves and the walls. You can also use three or even four colors in the furnishing process – orange bedroom and decorative chairs with red frame for the mirror, combined all together with yellow carpet with shiny cartoon sunshines and smiles.

Minimalist bedroom interior design


Minimalist bedroom interior design whith green bed

Trinkets. Trinkets in a minimalistic bedroom must be chosen delicately. Do not turn your bedroom into kids room with sketchy souvenirs and toys. Hanging pendants from glass or ceramic, paintings and big-sized black and white photography, vanguard chandelier or elegant clock will do some great job in the interior design.

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