Upholstered headboard – a decorative accent in the bedroom

modern bedroom design bedroom furniture upholstered headboard designs white leather

An upholstered headboard of the bed will create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your bedroom. It is perfect for those who appreciate the true comfort and want to create a cozy, comfortable and”warm” atmosphere in the bedroom. Upholstered headboards have a practical function – to protect the family members, especially young children, from hitting or hurting themselves.


Upholstered headboard – tips and ideas for the height

upholstered headboard designs bedroom decoration ideas side table lamps area rug

Modern beds with upholstered headboards are mostly preferred by people who cherish a good night’s sleep and stylish bedroom interior. The headboard can give a sensual look to the interior, a regal glamour or an elegant appearance. Most manufacturers offer pre-fabricated upholstered headboards but if your bed has no headboard and you have opted for an upholstered one, you need to think for the most important questions. What shape and size is suitable for your room? What design to choose so that it first with the existing interior? Traditional headboards usually are about 50 cm of height but there are many models with a non-standard height – it can range from 80 to 100 cm. Choosing the height of the headboard would depend only by your own preferences.

The convenience of the upholstered headboard

elegant bedroom furniture tufted headboard stylish bedding

The bed is no longer just a place to sleep. It is a place for relax, for reading a book, watching TV and it should have a high level of comfort and functionality and the upholstered headboard is perfect for this – you can lean comfortably on it and feel no tension in the neck and back. A huge variety of models and upholstery fabrics is available to choose from. You should pay attention to the material, which is used for the upholstery of the headboard and make sure that it matches the rest of your interior and is easy to clean and maintain.


Contemporary bedroom furniture bed with uphostered headboard bedroom design ideas

White decorative headboard in a modern bedroom

white bedroom design upholstered headboard diamond pattern

 The headboard is a colorful accent in the bedroom

Bedroom design decorative upholstered headboard decorative pillows

Elegant blue upholstery of the bed headboard

upholstered headboard pastel blue textile modern design wall picturesl

The headboard is the main decorative element in the bedroom

bed with high upholstered headboard ornaments wallpaper brown wall color

 An adorable bedroom for a teen girl

girl bedroom design purple upholstered headboard canopy curtain

A strong bold color in the bedroom decoration

orange headboard bedroom decorating ideas side table lamps

White blue headboard accented with floral pillows

upholstered headboard ideas white blue bedroom furniture

 Comfort and style in the bedroom

comfortable bed upholstered headboard bedroom furniture ideas

upholstered bed headboard black tufted trendy bedroom colors

turquoise wall color bedroom design wood flooring upholstered bed headboard

teen bedroom ideas upholstered bed headboards

poster bed upholstered bed headboard decorative pillows

modern bedroom design ideas leather upholstered headboard side table lamps

Kids bedroom furniture twin beds decorative green upholstery headboards

how to choose an upholstered headboard design style

design ideas bedroom bed with high upholstered headboard white furniture brown walls

contemporary bedroom furniture upholstered bed headboard stripes

contemporary bedroom design upholstered headboard wooden frame side table lamp

Contemporary bedroom design bed with uphostered headboard metallic effect wallpapers

black headboard upholstered panels wood flooring armchair

bedroom design ideas upholstered bed headboard gray color sofa fireplace



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