Quilted beds by Nest Italia


We all care how our home furniture looks like. Sometimes getting a new bed resembles getting a new car, because everything is about how it actually looks. In fact it’s worth spending money on unique looking furniture, because it adds an aesthetic dimension to your bedroom. Design is what matters most and everybody has got a different taste, but style is something that can really “be seen”. But what happens when we talk about modern bed design. We don’t usually care about its look as long as we are able to sleep on it. No, that is not valid for people who have style. It is part of showing your own individuality, so to say. That is especially true for people who love art and forms of expression. Then what about quilted beds?

Contemporary quilted beds design


At first it sounds strange, but look at these marvelous quilted beds designed by the designer Giuseppe Vigano. They are part of European company Nest Italia collection and they surely prove that exceptional luxury is worth spending money. They combine both classical and modern style in a truly amazing way. Your bedroom will be fully satisfied if you choose any of these incredible beds.

Stylish quilted beds


The Oyster contemporary bed boast a couch look but with a bed form. This bed has a rectangular or crescent-shaped headboard with a buttoning detail that fully makes it for a total upholstered look. There are sixty pearl buttons and removable upholstery for the sake of the easy cleaning. And that’s a great advantage, isn’t it? The design varies from square and round to mattress-only as you can choose fabric or leather upholstery. There are available two very different bedroom looks: cozy comfort or sophisticated luxury. For more information on these marvelous quilted beds you may visit Nest Italia’s .


Unique bed design


 Contemporary bed design



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