Feng shui your bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep

Feng shui your bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep

Bedroom interior design Feng Shui

The Chinese have given the world some of its most important inventions. There would be no novels without papermaking, we’d be lost without the compass and Guy Fawkes night would be a lot less interesting without gun powder. But Chinese culture has also given us something else the wonders of feng shui, which, when properly channeled, can have a very positive impact and improve our daily lives. The name comes from feng meaning wind and shui meaning water and is a complex system used to balance energy and give the people inhabiting a particular space health and good fortune. Using different elements from colour and size to placement, feng shui is used to create a nurturing and soothing environment.

When it comes to our homes, the room that needs most help is probably the bedroom. It’s the room where clutter quickly builds up, bad habits form and suddenly your cosy sanctuary becomes a dizzying mess. Here are just a few tips to create a balance in your boudoir:

Place your bed in a good position

Feng Shui Bedroom design

Don’t hide your bed behind things or have it at odd angles. It is best to have a solid wall behind your head and have the bed approachable from both sides. If you can, avoid sleeping with your feet facing the door, in what’s called the ‘coffin position’. Two bedside tables will balance out the bed.

Get rid of electronics and exercise equipment

Bedroom interior design feng shui

It may help you get into shape, but exercise equipment will do you no favours in the bedroom. If you have to exercise in your room due to space constraints, make sure the device can be moved out of the room or stored neatly away. Televisions are also a big no. Your bedroom is a space for peace and rest, not catching up on the footie results.

Use colour to create peace

Feng Shui Bedroom design-green

Even if you’re in love with fuchsia, give it a miss when decorating your bedroom. The recommended colours are the ‘skin colours’, from cream to a deep brown. These encourage good energy and don’t create a distracting space. When you order bedroom furniture, make sure it meets this criteria too. As eye-popping as a red wardrobe may be it does not encourage good energy.

Clear up and close up


A space with good energy is organised and free of clutter. Messy environments can make us anxious, unhappy and stressed. Order bedroom furniture that allows you to keep all the mess closed away. It’s also good idea to invest in organisers for your closet or wardrobe. Once you’ve cleared up the mess, make sure to close all the doors. Closing doors, both wall doors and wardrobe doors, encourages the flow of energy.

Follow these simple tips and you can look forward to a peaceful and happy slumber every night.

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