Tall headboards ideas – a dramatic wall decoration in the bedroom

tall headboard ideas luxury bedroom interior design wooden floor

The headboard has now become an integral part of the bedroom interior. The times when the headboards were installed for more functionality are long gone and nowadays headboards have a decorative function. The popularity of the custom made headboards has risen so sharply that some companies specialize in manufacturing such eye catching pieces of furniture. Headboards can be in any style – colorful, simple, minimalist, a DIY project, small, low or tall. We shall show you a selection of stunning tall headboards ideas which are a centerpiece in the bedroom dеcor.


Tall headboards ideas – give the modern bedroom an additional wow element

tall heaboard ideas contemporary bedroom furniture leather headboard

A tall headboard can take any form and can have a different design – upholstered, wood, metal, but one thing is for sure – such a headboard makes a statement. A minimalist tall headboard will stand out with its shape and size and complement the idea of high quality materials and simple straight lines.

 modern luxury bedroom ideas tall tufted headboard wall decoration bedroom lighting

A tufted headboard always adds glamour to the interior and a tall tufted headboard adds a unique character and a feeling of luxury in the bedroom. The spectacular tall headboards ideas below will show you different concepts with fabulous and appealing looks. Use them as an inspiration and use the headboard as an eye catcher.

Tall headboards ideas in classic bedroom interiors

tall headboards ideas stylish elegant white bedroom interior crystal chandelier

In contrast to the clear straight lines of modern furniture, the classic interiors feature a sophisticated mix of decoration, fabrics and furnishings with exquisite lines. Tall headboards ideas featuring high quality leather of fabrics are often seen in most luxurious bedrooms. They add uniqueness and exclusivity, a certain feeling of grandeur and elegance. Whichever design style you prefer – a very simple and elegant design or something dramatic – you can be sure that a tall headboard in your bedroom will have a strong impact!


trendy bedroom furniture luxury tall headboards ideas modern bedroom interiors

 A tall headboard in rustic style

wood tall headboard rustic bedroom decoration

 An accent wall in the bedroom

White leather tufted headboard ideas bedroom accent wall ideas

 A touch of luxury in a small bedroom

Small bedroom design tall headboard ideas white leather extra high headboard

Modern bedroom with a beautiful accent wall

tall headboads ideas contemporary bedroom leather wood modern furniture ideas

Elegant and stylish bedroom decoration

bedroom design white tall headboards recessed lighting modern table lamps

modern bedroom furniture ideas tall upholstered headboard awesome table lamps

Black tall headboard bedroom design ideas exposed brick wall round side tables

tall headboard accent wall modern bedroom decoration ideas

luxury bedroom design ideas extra high tufted headboard bedroom decoration

tall headboards ideas modern bedroom interior design upholstered headboard

tall headboard ideas bedroom decoration ideas accent wall floral pattern

spectacular tall headboard ideas bedroom design neutral colors white brown

purple bed headboard bedroom decoration ideas wall decor

luxury white bedroom design tall headboard ideas gray tufted headboad wall sconces

bedroom decoration ideas accent wall tall upholstered headboard


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