Fantastic Teenage Girl’s Bedroom Ideas


Whether its bright and funky or serene and demure there will be a teenage Girl’s Bedroom Ideas amongst this collection to suit your all tastes.  Teenagers are on the edge of adulthood so its time to give them a bedroom that they can express themselves in.  For this reason the style choice of your teenage Girl’s Bedroom Ideas should reflect their personality and preferences.

Teenage girl’s bedroom ideas – pastel colors



Color is probably the first decision to make in any teenage girl’s bedroom ideas.  The color chosen will set the mood and is the most expressive formal element.  Delicate pale pastel colors are light and airy but also whimsical and traditional, setting the scene for hours of pleasant daydreaming. Brighter ‘carnival’ colors are more ‘sassy’, excitable and energetic. These colors are not at all restrained and are great for creating a lively vibrant atmosphere.

Richly colored girl’s bedroom ideas



To avoid the girl’s bedroom idea becoming too busy and overwhelming maybe use fully saturated colors sparingly, as accents or on feature walls.  Many teenagers would prefer a more richly colored girl’s bedroom idea using darker enigmatic colors such as purples or dark red tones. A more sophisticated teenager may prefer a room based on white or neutral tones that can be dressed with color through fabrics and personalized accessories

Cozy and comfortable girl’s bedroom idea


So, having established that the girl’s bedroom idea will reflect aspects of the teenager’s personality, what about the young lady herself?  Self image is a big issue with the vast majority of teenagers so provision needs to be made for preening and perfecting the appearance!  A full length mirror is a must in the bedroom for checking out the latest fashion look and getting ready for important dates.  Plenty of room for clothing is also a necessity in any girl’s bedroom idea.  And to save worn clothes getting strewn all over the floor so is a laundry box or basket.  Just for a practical note!

So in short the ideal teenage girl’s bedroom idea should reflect her personality and keep undesirable mess under control in the most hassle free way possible.

by Jaz


Comfortable blue girl’s bedroom design


Colorful small bedroom


Red girl’s room with modern design


Modern teenager’s bedroom design


Black-purple bedroom for girls


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