How to choose the right bunk beds – 50 inspiring ideas

Kids bunk bed with curtains blue white

Fortunately the times when bunk beds were associated with army and were a synonym of discomfort is over. Nowadays bunk beds are not only comfortable but they become a trend in the kids’ room furniture. You will be surprised of the great choices that stores offer. If you want to change the bed of your children or you just need advice, this article is just for you. Lack of space is often a concern in our compact apartments and it is normal that we seek solutions for optimization. The bed is one of the larger furniture pieces in any room. It is also the most important one as its main function requires it to be comfortable. This, of course, does not mean that we should not pay attention to the design and the appearance of the bed. Here we have selected many examples of bunk beds. Most of them are designed for the child or teen room, but some are suitable for adults. This extremely practical furniture piece saves valuable space in smaller rooms.

 Bunk beds are practical, comfortable and stylish

Eclectic bedroom design bunk bed for kids wooden ladder

Having bunk beds is a handy solution for small apartments. With the right design the room will cozy and warm. Bunk beds are suitable not only for kids bedrooms but for teens, students and even adults. When children have to share a room bunk beds are widely used as this is a great space saving furniture piece. Bunk beds with stairs or ladder are most commonly used. Bunk beds with stairs offer the option to organize additional storage space for toys, books, clothes or other equipment. The removable wooden ladder is more compact. Kids love this type of fun furniture for the opportunity to play. Look at the bunk beds ideas in the gallery and see how the design can combine functionality with elegance and comfort.

 How to choose the right bunk beds for kids?

bunk bed plans and ideas space saving bedroom furniture

Make sure the room is big enough for a bunk bed – this is your first priority. One of the main and best features of bunk beds is that they occupy vertical space and leave more free room space, which is essential for small bedrooms. Do not forget that if you wanted to add some other elements – drawers, stairs, shelf system, storage space – they will also require space and you have to make sure that you have it available. Further to that you need to leave a space around the bed so that the child can get out of bed easily.

Bunk bed access – which one is better stairs or ladder?

small bedroom furniture kids bunk bed space saving design

The ability to access the bunk beds is also very important. Bunk beds for kids usually are designed with easy access and attention to safety when climbing or descending. Tall ladders are not appropriate for younger kids. They are more suitable for teenagers’ bedrooms.

Bunk beds can fit in any interior design and your lifestyle

unisex childrens bunk beds storage cabinets open shelves

Bunk beds are available in plenty of shapes and styles. Designs that have a built-in desk are another great option for small rooms and a great choice for kids. Ask your kids and they will tell you that bunk beds are super cool. For you, the good news is that the choice is unlimited. Once you have decided to opt for a bunk bed the safety of your child should be your first concern.

kids bedroom furniture ideas orange red color boys room bunk bed

Why choose a bunk bed? The lack of space is still a widespread problem for most families. This is especially true for small apartments. There are many advantages of choosing a bunk bed for small bedrooms. First, they require for to six square meters and can be used from small children, teenagers and even adults. Modern design allows efficient use of every centimeter of the bed due to the installation of drawers and cabinets where you can place any accessories – line, books, toys, textbooks or any other kind of little objects. A bunk bed with convenient stairs with full steps eliminates the possibilities for accidents and injury.

 Bunk bed – the perfect solution for small bedrooms

teen bedroom ideas kids bunk beds with stairs minimalist style

 Bunk bed idea with open shelves

small attic bedroom kids bunk bed white wood ladder

 Bunk bed idea combines a pull out bed, storage space and a desk

bunk bed with storage space ideas small apartment bedroom design

  Bunk beds are suitable for kids camps

bunk bed for kids teen bedroom furniture space saving bedroom furniture

 Corner bunk bed idea

bunk bed building designs storage space desk

 Bunk bed in a boy’s room

wooden design twin over full bunk bed teen room ideas

Colorful kids bedroom with bunk bed

space saving furniture ideas kids bunk beds with stairs designs purple orange

Bright colors add a vivid mood in the kids bedroom


 Fairy tale bunk bed for girls

nursery room furniture fairy tale bunk bed for kids

ikea bunk beds kids bedroom furniture lavender pink bunk bed bookshelf

IKEA bunk beds for kids space saving bedroom furniture ideas

bunk beds for kids with stairs wooden flooring grey rug

bunk bed for kids nursery room furniture cottage bunk bed

bunk beds for girls with stairs light wood purple wall color

bedroom furniture bunk beds best bunk beds ideas  Twin over full bunk bed white bedroom furniture space saving ideas

Twin over full bunk bed design ideas

space saving furniture ideas kids bunk bed with stairs modern teen bedroom

small modern bedroom furniture white interior design tylish bunk bed plans

small kids bedroom furniture bunk bed plans small ladder

small bedroom ideas kids bunk bed design wood stairs

small bedroom furniture ideas kids bunk bed with stairs

small bedroom furniture ideas kids bunk bed ladder white

small bedroom furniture bunk bed plans white wood ladder

Rustic bedroom design wooden kids bunk bed ladders

Modern kids room bunk bed plans ideas ladder

Kids bunk bed ideas white furniture beds with storage drawers

four kids bunk beds kids bedroom white wood colorful blankets

custom made bunk bed with stairs space saving furniture ideas

Contemporary kids bunk bed with ladder small bedroom furniture ideas

Contemporary kids bedroom ideas modern bunk bed design

bedroom furniture kids bunk bed white red accents

bunk bed with stairs kids room gray color

bunk bed rustic design small space bedroom furniture

Beach house kids bunk bed with stairs

wooden bunk bed with stairs ideas storage drawers ladder

Twin over full bunk bed bedroom furniture ideas storage drawers desk

toddler bunk bed space saving furniture two kids

teen bedroom furniture ikea bunk bed for kids wooden floors

kids bunk bed ideas white bedroom furniture stairs

bunk bed with stairs black and white desk chest of drawers

bunk bed plans white bedroom furniture kids room design ideas

bunk bed plans four kids ladder safety beach house kids bedroom

bunk bed plans for kids pull out bed stairs storage space

bedroom furniture kids bunk bed plans wooden panel


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