Spice up your bedroom interior with an original headboard design

headboard design ideas tufted pillow wooden beam

If your bedroom doesn’t have an exceptional design you probably want to change this? You can start with an original headboard design – this is a detail that will transform your room from a regular and maybe boring bedroom into an exciting room with character and individuality. It could be anything – wood, wallpaper remnants, upholstery and even some decorative pillows in an appropriate color.

 Original headboard design ideas

DIY headboard design ideas board with clock

The bed is always the main element in any bedroom. If you want to change the ambience in the bedroom and transform its appearance – use one of the simplest and, at the same time very effective methods – emphasize on a beautiful headboard. Today there are many more interesting ideas. Be creative with the materials for your headboard design, but make sure that the style you choose is matching with the rest of the bedroom interior. To give you an idea what you can do to spice up your bed, look at these 35 examples of headboards that will transform your bedroom.

How to choose the right headboard design

classic bedroom mirror headboard idea crystal chandelier

Nowadays most beds are sold with a headboard and it is a part of the whole bed design. In case you haven’t bought a bed like that, or you feel like updating your bed, some headboard design ideas will come helpful. When choosing the type of headboard there are some things you need to consider in advance – the size of the bed, its shape, location in the bedroom, color and style. The options are endless – from cotton, linen or velour fabrics, to pillow arrangements, photo wall, wall stickers, recycled wood – there are no limits to your creativity!


beautiful headboard design ideas wooden frame pillows

 Pin board and letters in a teen bedroom

teen bedroom design headboard ideas letters

 Elegant poster bed

romantic headboard ideas floral motif poster

 Vintage style headboard

original headboard design ideas wooden decorative arch

 A screen transformed into an attractive headboard

original headboard design ideas decorative screen

 Modern headboard idea – wall stickers

modern headboard ideas wall stickers

DIY idea – used wooden pallet

DIY headboards ideas pallet furniture bedroom

Original headboard idea – white cushions

headboard ideas white pillows white furniture red accents

Space saving and storage idea

headboard ideas wall shelf system storage space

Old doors as a headboard

headboard ideas old wooden door canopy curtain

Light and bright painting and matching decorative pillows

colorful headboard idea floral painting matching pillow

modern headboard design ideas  wall stickers tree

modern headboard design ideas purple fabric

modern bed design headboard ideas wooden beams

luxury bedroom poster bed headboard designs crown

interesting headboard idea wall art sconces

headboard ideas wall sticker urban scene

headboard ideas natural stone panel pendant lighting

headboard design ideas upholstery accent decorative wall

headboard design ideas fabric upholstery different motifs

headboard design ideas books colorful duvet

DIY headboard recycled wooden beams fabric

DIY headboard ideas wooden slats pendant lighting

modern headboard design wooden bed frame shelves

DIY headboard ideas recycled wood blue glass

teen room design headboards ideas hockey sticks

DIY headboard ideas photo wall

diy headboard design ideas books wall

DIY creative bed headboard design bamboo wood

cool headboard ideas teen room flag

cool headboard ideas teen room cockpit

bedroom interior design headboard ideas fish tank

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