Modern white dressers – stylish bedroom furniture ideas


white dresser drawers minimalist design trendy bedroom

Modern bedroom furniture is not complete without a dresser. Chests are so firmly established in people’s lives that have no questions about their necessity.

modern bedroom white furniture design ideas creative dresser design

Dressers are very practical as they accommodate a large number of different items: clothes, documents, sheets and much more.

modern white dresser laquered surface white bedroom furniture

A variety of design solutions makes it possible to buy a dresser for the bedroom which perfectly combines with the other pieces of furniture.

Modern white dresser walnut accent white bedroom furniture modern furniture design

Modern white dressers are an elegant way to add style and elegance to the bedroom, a touch of chic and functional aesthetics.

 Modern white dressers – style and functionality

White lacquer modern dresser white flooring modern white bedroom

Modern white dressers can be with minimalist design or elements of Art Nouveau. White chests of drawers blend harmoniously with any furniture in the room and give the aristocratic, stylish and unique touches to the interior design.

modern white dresser minimalist bedroom furniture

The market offers a wide variety of models with various configurations and sizes to choose from.

 bedroom furniture ideas modern white dresser glossy finish minimalist design

A compact dresser is the perfect solution for a small bedroom while bigger models are ideal for a spacious room.

Stylish modern white dresser table lamp stylish bedroom furniture ideas

The designs feature wide and low or high but narrow dressers, so you can plan the organization of the bed room depending on the available space. A modern white dresser can be used as a nightstand provided you have enough space.

 Modern white dressers with mirror

Contemporary bedroom furniture modern white dresser with mirror black accessories

Modern white dressers may be an unobtrusive part of the bedroom furniture or be the main focus of your interior, which will attract attention at first sight.

 bedroom furniture modern white dresser greek style ornaments round mirror

The white color perfectly emphasizes the lines of modern design and this is the main reason why it is so popular in contemporary interiors. Many models are designed with a mirror which is a necessity in the bedroom.

modern white dresser simple straight lines white bedroom furniture ideas

It is not a problem if the dresser you have chosen is not equipped with a mirror. You could always add a wall mirror which will complement the dresser and the bedroom furniture.

inspiring modern white dresser mirrored drawers bedroom decor ideas

A modern dresser can be with minimalist design without any ornaments, or keep the modern line and be decorated with stylish hardware, mirrored drawers, crystals, etc.

 elegant white dresser white bedroom furniture idea wall mirror

bedroom furniture ideas minimalist white dresser small stool

beautiful white dresser modern design white table lamp white bedroom furniture

modern white dresser bedroom decor ideas trendy wall color dark gray

mid century modern dresser antique white color brown stained drawers

contemporary bedroom furniture white dresser minimalist design

contemporary bedroom furniture white bedroom furniture modern white dresser with mirror black accents

bedroom furniture ideas modern dresser white drawers



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