12 great designs for complete IKEA bedroom

Ikea bedroom deisgn idea blue wall

Yes, we all love Ikea and dream of a complete IKEA bedroom. These 12 great designs that are suitable for different tastes, lifestyle and room size. Some designs are full of bright colors, while other are in soft colors or white. It depends on you to decide which one you like best, and what fits best in your own bedroom.

IKEA Bedroom – interesting design ideas

Bedroom Furniture Ikea brown beige

IKEA has always taken into account that nowadays people have less and less space at home and that is why they offer many innovative storage ideas and space saving designs. While in an IKEA bedroom design there is nothing missing, the interior looks spacious and original. Everything is well organized, simple but stylish and welcoming. No wonder so many people are fans of the brand. A perfect balance between the different colors, interesting duvets, elegant table lamps and all kinds of things that can make a bedroom more interesting. Orange, blue, even red are skillfully combined, while pink colored cushions create a romantic atmosphere. Wall shelves and folding bed, or king-size bed – everything depends on you. Wardrobe or open clothes rack, mirror or without mirror, desk and bedside table – everything has been thought of and everyone can find something suitable.

IKEA Bedroom – practical and comfortable

practical storage space ideas Ikea

If you have two children sharing a room, you will find many exciting ideas from IKEA, including a bed with storage or a bunk bed. Two single beds are suitable for larger rooms. The open clothes rack is perfect for girl’s bedroom – so the teenager can try her favorite outfits. Shoe shelves and plenty of storage space for jewelry, bags and accessories is  of course provided. In an IKEA bedroom everything is in line, and even the smallest details have been thought out with much attention. Lighting, furniture, bedding, wall color and flooring compliment the overall look of the room.

Minimalist bedroom in white

minimalist bedroom Ikea orange

Green accents in the bedroom

Bedroom complete design Ikea

Pink sheets and romantic curtains

romantic bedroom pink pillows

Double bed in the bedroom

Double bed bedroom Ikea

Teen room for girls

bedroom design clothes stand Ikea

Modern bedroom in purple

modern purple  IKEA bedroom

Elegant bedroom from Ikea

Ikea Bedroom Ideas

Wooden wardrobe and plenty of storage space in the bedroom

Wooden cabinet  Ikea bedroom furniture

 Classic furniture for bedroom

 furniture design bedroom Ikea

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