It takes two to tango – modern bedroom design in two color shades

round bed white black bedroom design

It is said that one is boring and three is a crowd, which serves love couples well. That saying doesn’t necessarily apply to modern bedroom design but it can lead to some interesting conclusions. We can make our bedchamber represent perfect balance and cleanness just by using two different color shades in the design. Such palette may appear scarce and insufficient to some but in truth you can achieve surprisingly influential results with only two colors.


round bed white modern bedroom

When creating two-color modern bedroom design it is essential to consider the shades carefully for they are the foundation for the design concept. One shade has to be dark and the other pale to make a good contrasting pair. It is best to use a neutral color in combination with some other color – the neutral one forming the background or the two being intertwined together. The main thing you should be aiming at is to create a certain balance between the two shades resulting in a simple and clean sense of environment. Most modern bedroom design ideas have white for their main color which is mixed with other colors. Warm shades stand out and imply strong energetic temperament while cold shades have a calming sense of relaxation implying gentler nature. White walls and ceilings usually give the room a good foundation for using color on the furniture and decoration; putting color on the walls themselves also works if you want a less neutral overall look. Since you’re using only two colors it is easier to match them and make a well balanced space. Using different shades of the colors is also possible; it will create variety while keeping the color palette intact.

If you want to try the two-color modern bedroom design you shouldn’t hesitate; just experiment. Browse the pictures for inspiration and don’t be surprised if you end up falling in love with this unique modern style.

By K.H.Hristova

purple violet modern bedroom design

purple violet modern bedroom designLED light white modern bedroom design

LED light white modern bedroom design

black dark modern bedroom design

ecletic modern bedroom design

Golden wall decoration in the bedroom

gold decoration bedroom design

italian modern bedroom design

Luxury bedroom design

luxury modern bedroom design

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modern bedroom design in two color shades

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round bed white modern bedroommodern bedroom design ideas

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white black modern bedroom design

white modern bedroom design

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