Design ideas for a beautiful sloping ceiling bedroom

Design ideas bedroom with attic roof windows

A sloping ceiling can make a room seem either claustrophobic or visually dramatic. Customize your sloping ceiling bedroom to achieve a dramatic final effect and to integrate the ceiling beautifully with the other elements. The secret to minimizing the attic is to fool the eye, so that the view does not fall directly on the ceiling. Light plays an important role in that. It makes the bedrooms with sloping ceiling larger and more inviting. A bedroom in the attic can be a really cozy place, but the design can be quite a challenge. In many bedrooms with sloping ceiling the bed is placed under the slope, because there is not enough space. A bedroom with a sloping roof can be designed with an open plan and the area can be divided by partitions. With the right color, wall decoration and design ideas you can create a nice, cozy atmosphere.

Sloping ceiling bedroom  – Tips and Tricks

attic sloping ceiling bedroom wallpaper floral pattern chandelier

1. Bed canopy
When a bedroom has multiple roof pitches, it might seem as if there is not enough space for a bed. Place the bed against the sloping wall. You probably will not have enough room for a headboard but instead use a canopy. Begin from the flat part of the ceiling and collect the fabric behind the bed. Fabric columns will also give an illusion of height, so that the ceilings look higher than they actually are. Thus you will create an optical illusion in the sloping ceiling bedroom.


vintage sloping ceiling bedroom poster bed

2. Furniture arrangement
If you are worried that your guests may hit their heads on the roof slope, leave this off. Do not use a chandelier or pendant light hanging in the middle of the room. Large lamps take up valuable space from the bedroom with sloping ceiling. Use furniture that is low as a platform bed or window seat.

Design ideas sloping ceiling bedroom attic shelf

3. Storage ideas
In bedrooms with sloping ceilings you can waste a lot of space. The corners of the room often remain unused because you can only go in the middle of the room. Create cupboards, closets or bookshelves in these dysfunctional areas. This frees up space in the middle of the room.

Sloping ceiling bedroom  – wall design

sloping ceiling Bedroom design attic ideas green accents white wall cabinet

4.Wall colors
For a soothing room atmosphere and a monochromatic look paint the ceiling and walls in the same color. This minimizes the influence of the ceiling and connects the elements of the room. If you want an interesting, bright sloping ceiling bedroom, use colors cleverly. Paint the roof slope with another color if you want to accent on the architecture. If you emphasize the sloping ceiling in bright white color, the effect will be of an optical distance and the ceiling will look higher. Use bright colors for the sloping wall in order to provide a charming feel and cozy atmosphere. Beams on vaulted ceilings also look very attractive.

purple bedroom design with sloping ceiling

5. Wall decoration
Works of art in a bedroom with sloping ceiling can seem impossible. Create works of art by using a bold wall color. Glue wall stickers directly on the wall for a graphic element. Stickers can be placed on the roof slope or from floor to ceiling.

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sloping ceiling bedroom wallpaper floral pattern chandelier

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