Traditional Country Style Bedrooms for Contemporary Homes


Traditional country cottage style bedroom

There is always something very welcoming and cozy about a traditional country style bedroom.  The bedroom might be in a delightful country house, in a more urban setting or even a traditional oasis in a more modern construction.  If this timeless style appeals to you, then you should enjoy looking at this collection of inviting interiors

Traditional Country Style Bedrooms

Country cottage style bedroom

For an authentic country cottage or farmhouse look then you can get away with furnishing the country style bedroom with an eclectic mix of antique or vintage furniture items.  Not everything has to match as long as you can find furniture in shapes and colors that compliment each other.  This is the way rooms would have been furnished for centuries with older items being retained and new pieces of furniture gradually introduced over a period of years.  So to create a believable country style interior then you may chose to hunt for exciting items in markets, antique stores or at auctions.


Furnishing the Traditional Country Style Bedroom

Traditional country style bedroom

 However, it you prefer a more coordinating furnishing scheme, then the examples shown here, display some fabulous matching suites.  Most of these are aimed at recreating a somewhat grander visual statement than you may find in a traditional historic cottage.  This gallery is exhibiting a more opulent style of rural residence.


Traditional Country Style Bedroom Designs

Modern bedroom tips

As you would expect, unpainted quality timber is much in evidence and this is often combined with fine carved detail and ornate metal fittings.  The natural wood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is just perfect for the traditional country style bedroom.


Luxury Bedroom Design

Traditional country style bedroom conception

Equally charming are the country style furnishing collections that feature a light painted finish.  These are good for retaining a light fresh atmosphere in the bedroom.  There is also a connection to the traditional French style suggested through the painted collections.  Placed against a rich, darker wall coloring the white suite presents a dramatic contrast, very suitable for a 19th century style bedroom.


Charming Bedroom Design in Traditional Country Cottage Style

Country cottage style bedroom design ideas

 Most of the furniture shown here is on a relatively large scale suitable for more spacious interiors.  If your rooms are smaller then it is not a good idea to try and cram too much into the space.  Rather, select one or two statement pieces to set the mood and combine these with built in or concealed storage solutions.


Suitable Fabrics and Colors for the Traditional Country Style Bedroom

Comfortable country style bedroom

There is no hard and fast rule as to what colors and patterns recreate the atmosphere of a traditional country style bedroom.  However, in general colors should be muted, whether they are light or dark.  Fully saturated primary or secondary colors would only look good on isolated features, therefore its best to confine your palette to tints or tones of your preferred colors.  Most leading paint manufacturers have color charts dedicated to their vintage or period paint ranges.


Massive Wooden Bedroom in Country Cottage Style

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If you prefer to wallpaper your traditional country style bedroom, it is worth researching the style and type of wall coverings available at different periods in the evolution of interior design.  There will be a massive choice available to you, but you can always refine your search by looking for specific patterns such as stripes, floral, or other traditional prints.  A similar situation relates to fabrics. As you can see in the pictures, these may range from: crisp linens, heavy woven wool blankets, sumptuous velvets and gorgeous brocades.


Romantic Traditional Country Style Bedroom

Lovely country style bedroom decoration ideas

Once you have established what furniture you want to include in your traditional country style bedroom, the next important decision is how to dress it. This is because the colors and patterns you select will be largely responsible for establishing the dominant ambience in the room.


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Elegant Country Style Bedroom

Traditional country style bedroom design


Vintage Bedroom Design

Traditional country cottage style bedroom

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