Bolster pillows – home decoration ideas with practical use

bolster pillows ideas decorative pillows orthopedic pillows

Bolster pillows are instantly recognizable. Their shape is what makes them different from any other pillows, decorative or not. Most often the shape of the bolster pillow is a perfect cylinder or the candy shape.

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Depending on the design, it can be decorated in various ways. These pillows have come to our world from the Orient and look stunningly beautiful not only in ethnic interiors but in contemporary designs too.

 Bolster pillows – types and functions

modern bedding sets bolster pillow oriental flair

Bolster pillows are divided in three main types. The first and most common type is the bolster pillow for the bedroom which is designed both for sleep and ornamentation.

living room sofa daybed bolster pillows armrest decorative pillows

The decorative bolster pillow is designed as a sofa decoration and is often used as a sofa cushion under the back.

living room sofa bolster pillows home decorating ideas

The third type is often used to replace armrests of sofas and again have a great decorative value.

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Bolster pillows have a massage effect and are classified as orthopedic. They can be filled with feathers or hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials.

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If used as pillows for rest, they can be filled with herbs like lavender, cedar, juniper, etc, and the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy will add to the stress relief and to the relax of the nervous system.

The advantages of bolster pillows

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Bolster pillows have several advantages. First their decorative value is significant and you may have noticed that these pillows are a part of every high quality bedding set.

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Further to that they can replace the armrests of sofas and chairs as well as bed headrests. If you use them as a kids’ room decor, it will be an amazingly bright accent in the interior.

bolster pillows luxury bedding sets modern bedroom decorating ideas

Bolster pillows can be combined with any style of interior and any other type of decorative pillows.

luxury bedding sets bedroom decoration bolster pillow modern bedroom design

Bolster pillows help during sleep as they support the neck like no other pillow. This means that the spine is relaxed and the sleep is much more calm and sound.

 bedroom decorating orange bolster pillows bedding set designs

Those who suffer from back pain or constant headache and neck pain need to reconsider the pillow they use. The bolster pillow might be the solution for you!

An exclusive bedding set for girls’ bedrooms

bolster pillows girls bedroom bedding sets bedroom decorating ideas

A bolster pillow can decorate the closet

candy shaped bolster pillow closet ideas contemporary closet design

Elegant bedroom with long bolster pillow

bolster pillows modern home decorating ideas bedroom decor

 A bolster pillow is perfect for daybeds

bedroom ideas daybed long bolster pillow decorative pillows

bedroom furniture poster bed bolster pillows blue

bedroom furniture bedroom decoration wall painting decorative pillows bolster pillow

bedroom decorating ideas olive green bedding set colorful bolster pillow

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