Accordion closet doors – space saving ideas for your home

closet doors accordion doors closet design ideas

What are accordion closet doors? Are they a good alternative to standard doors? In contrast to standard closet doors, accordion doors allow you to open simultaneously all the departments of the closet.

accordion closet doors space saving closet ideas

Accordion doors are the perfect solution which solves the main problem in city apartments – the lack of space.

 Accordion closet doors – Pros:

Closet doors bedroom ideas accordion doors

Accordion closet doors are in the group of folding doors and installing such type of doors you can benefit from their advantages.

accordion closet doors folding closet doors closet designs

Accordion doors transform an ordinary wardrobe and allow you to see the contents of the shelves at one glance. This will save you time looking for your belongings in the dark corners.

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Accordion doors for the closet are a comfortable alternative to the two swing flaps.

closet accordion doors space saving designs small bedroom

Accordion doors are usually smaller than sliding or swing doors – they are much narrower. Consequently, their weight is smaller and even a child can open them without any effort.

closet design accordion closet doors folding doors ideas

When installing accordion doors, the integrity of the floor covering is intact.

Accordion closet doors – Cons:

accordion closet doors white wood mirror doors

Accordion closet doors are a bit unstable due to the lack of lower rails.

closet designs accordion doors folding doors

Accordion closet doors are not convenient for spaces with slopping ceilings.

Accordion closet doors – materials and options

folding closet doors accordion doors closet ideas modern bedroom

The market and manufacturers offer a wide variety of options to the homeowners and everyone can find the form, function and material which match their specific needs.

accordion closet doors kids bedroom closet ideas

When considering different materials, it is important to think about where and how you will be using your door. Wood, Fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl or a combination of materials are possible and each material has its own characteristics and advantages.

accordion closet doors bedroom ideas space saving ideas

It is up to everyone’s taste and budget to choose the material which will blend with the rest of the interior design of the home.

Accordion doors are perfect for small spaces


accordion closet doors bedroom furniture space saving ideas

Folding doors can be customized to suit your needs


accordion closet doors bedroom designs space saving ideas

A quick access to all the items in the closet


accordion closet doors awesome closet design closet organizers

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